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The Rise of China

Programme director:

Professor Xiaoling Zhang

School of International Communications



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The Rise of China



Course introduction

Dates: Monday 25 June to Friday 6 July 2018                      Number of credits: 10 UNNC credits

Biggest, longest, fastest, greatest are just a few of the superlatives often used in describing China and its developments. In many career areas, understanding the rapidly transforming society, culture, and economy of this major global player becomes increasingly important. This summer school is designed for non-Chinese Studies major students and domestic students with an interest in understanding the rise of China and its implications. This acclaimed summer school is now running for its fifth year.

The two week intensive course will provide you with an overview of the key social, cultural, political, and economic areas for understanding the changes and challenges of contemporary China taught from multi-disciplinary perspectives.  The course is composed of lectures by leading experts in the field and student-led seminars held at the University of Nottingham’s China campus in Ningbo. Studying China in China offers a unique learning opportunity to reflect on what you learn in the classroom while observing and experiencing Chinese society and life first-hand. Topics will prepare you with a foundational knowledge of the People’s Republic of China with particular attention paid to the changes in China since 1978.

The summer school will comprise of eight sessions taught over the two weeks in three hour blocks including but not limited to: 

  • Political system and government
  • Economic reforms and development
  • China’s New Silk Road project
  • Media and popular culture 
  • Intercultural business communication in China
  • Health policy in China
  • Ethnicity in China
  • China and the world

This programme is designed so that you may also take part in optional cultural, social, and travel opportunities offered as part of UNNC’s summer school programmes. This course can be combined with "Mandarin for Work".


Reading list

The reading list is to facilitate participants to form some understanding of different aspects of China before they come to join the programme.

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