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Mandarin for Work

Programme director:

Ms. Penélope Franco Estrada

Director of the Language Centre



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Mandarin for Work



Course introduction

Dates: Monday 25 June to Friday 13 July 2018                                      Number of credits: 10 UNNC credits

Learn Mandarin with a focus on professional engagement in China! Stand out from the crowd and add a much valued working competence in Mandarin to your skills set!

At the University of Nottingham Ningbo China we have over 10 years’ experience of training students in learning Mandarin as a foreign language as a core part of their degree. Our language centre welcomes over 200 foreign students every year from all over the world and we have developed a strong expertise in partnership with our Language Centres in the U.K, and Malaysia in delivering the best possible courses to meet international students’ needs. We know how hard and daunting learning Mandarin can be and our courses seek to empower students to acquire the skills they will need to become lifelong learners and to succeed with this difficult language.

Our campus, situated in the most developed area of China, The Yangtze River Delta, offers you a safe base from which to become acquainted with the language. The cultural and professional skills you develop will empower you to understand and engage with the powerful economic driver that is contemporary China, whilst being supported by the best of British academic environments.

Our Mandarin for Work summer course has been carefully designed to empower learners with little or no prior knowledge of Mandarin to develop sufficient language skills as well as a broad understanding of the modern Chinese workplace to add invaluable skills to their CV. Focused on practical needs and demands, this summer course will also equip learners with lifelong learning skills, strong cross cultural skills and the ability to work with Chinese business partners in mutual understanding.

In class work will focus on interactive fun activities to develop your confidence and competence in real life communicative situations. Uniquely this course will include a period of work shadowing during which you will be able to further develop a hands on practice following classroom learning and to appreciate the reality of daily work life in China, observe the way in which colleagues in a work place work together and to develop their understanding of how language is used in professional contexts. Through the use of a media rich learning environment we will also support you in developing digital literacy for Mandarin and lifelong learning skills.

We offer three different levels from complete beginner to intermediate and work flexibly around individual needs.

This course has been designed to be taken either as a standalone course or in conjunction with Understanding the Rise of China or Doing Business in China. Upon successful completion of two progress quizzes and a presentation in the class at the end of the program, students may also receive a 10 credit modular award easily transferable into other courses of study.

In business, a little language goes a long way - come and start this journey with us!