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November 2011

      by Natasha Agarwal

Same article in Mandarin in China Press:


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December 2010

Press Releases on the GEP Conference in China November 2010

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Graduate jobs, rising wages forecast in China's economic changes:

Martin Wolf - Ending investment-led growth model key to sustaining growth in China

September 2010

  • Wine and dine [pdf] Alex Newman a lecturer at Nottingham University Business School in Ningbo, on how Chinese SME's wine and dine investors to secure financing.

June 2010



October 2009

June 2009

June 2009

  • China will learn from Rio Tinto debacle [pdf]

    by Shujie Yao

    China has suffered a 'painful lesson' from the failure of the ill-fated tie-up bid between Chinalco and Rio Tinto, GEP's leading Chinese economist has claimed.

April 2009

  • China the big G20 winner, says Yao [pdf]

    by Shujie Yao

    China emerged as the biggest winner from the 'historic' G20 summit in London, according to GEP's leading Chinese economist.

March 2009

  • Partnerships crucial to sustaining China's boom [pdf]

    by Zhihong Yu, Alessandria Guariglia and David Greenaway

    Foreign and domestic firms in China need to work in partnership if the country's economic boom is to continue in the face of the worldwide financial crisis, new research has shown.

  • Head of CWE programme visits China [pdf]

    by Professor Shujie Yao

    The Economist who suggested the credit crunch has given China a 'once-in-a-century chance' to cement superpower status, is delivering a series of major lectures in the country.

  • Global meltdown gives China once-in-a-century chance to complete rise [pdf]

    by Professor Shujie Yao

    China could now boast the world’s second-largest economy – a decade ahead of most predictions – thanks to the credit crunch, a leading Chinese economist has claimed.


Press Releases on papers from GEP Conference on 'China and the World Economy November 2008'

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