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Centre for Fluids and Thermal Engineering 




Research Centre for Fluids and Thermal Engineering gathers 20 individual academic members with research expertise in thermodynamics, heat transfer, computational fluids dynamics, multiphase fluids fluid measurement, as well as thermal energy systems including internal combustion engines, refrigeration and heat exchangers.  The group members have experience of carrying out cutting edge and international recognised researches. The other members’ expertise matches and can strongly support the above research areas.  The cross-disciplinary nature of fluids & thermal engineering, and also staff members’ interactive expertise in fluids, thermodynamics, two-phase flow and phase changes, and heat transfer can help promote the individual’s collaborations in not only fundamental researches but also applied technological studies. 

The cutting edge researches of thermofluids, multiphase flow and heat transfer, as well as the thermal engineering are much more related to applied fundamental science & technologies. Almost all priority areas of the university’s research such as Energy, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Marine and Medicine, etc. are directly related to the fundamental and cutting edge topics of fluid flow, multiphase and heat transfer. Therefore the research group aims to gather individual member’s expertise to focus on not only the fundamental aspects of cutting edge research in fluids & thermal engineering such as micro nano fluids flow, complex flows, phase change & interfacial phenomena of multiphase flow; but also the applied research in fluids & thermal engineering such as low carbon vehicle thermal management, power electronic thermal management, innovative air-conditioning, ventilation & refrigeration, novel heat exchangers for energy systems, and waste heat recovery and energy harvesting.  The research group will build a leading centre of fluids & thermal engineering in China with international reputation.


Professor Yuying Yan

Director of Research Centre for Fluids and Thermal Engineering, UNNC


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