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Welcome to our 15th anniversary open day

On campus
14 April 2019 (08:30-16:00)

Registration from 8:30. You can either register at gate 1 or gate 4. You are also welcome to join in the games and win prizes outside the Siyuan Auditorium. Student volunteers from WEAVER Organisation will show you around campus and answer any questions. Online consultant is also provided by WEAVER WeChat account. Scan and ask us!

Welcome talks: 9:00-9:30, in the Siyuan Auditorium. Talks include an overview of the University from a Vice-Provost, and a student perspective of living and studying at the University.

#UNNC15 student exhibition: 8:30-16:00, road between the Siyuan Auditorium and the Trent Building.

Student Recruitment stands: 8:30-16:00, in the Sir David and Lady Susan Greenaway Building.


Time and Venue

 Postgraduate Studies Opportunities at UNNC

10:00-11:00 TB109

Domestic UG Information Session

10:00-11:00 Room 121

Sir David and Lady Susan Greenaway Building

Domestic UG Information Session

13:30-14:30 Room 121

Sir David and Lady Susan Greenaway Building

Information Session for Shanghai Applicants

13:30-14:00 Room 209

Trent Building

Information Session for Applicants from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

14:00-15:30 Room 218

Sir David and Lady Susan Greenaway Building

Register to attend:


Faculty of Science and Engineering stands and talks: 8:30-16:00, in the Sir Peter Mansfield Building (PMB)


Time and Venue

School of Geographical Sciences                                                                                     

The Environmental Impacts of Shipping

9:40-10:20 PMB433

School of Computer Sciences                                                                               

Computer Science for 21st Century: Sensor systems, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics

9:40-10:20 PMB432

School of  Mathematical Sciences                                                                                

How mathematics shape our world

10:20-11:00 PMB433

Department of Civil Engineering Lab Tour

11:00-11:40 PMB103

Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Insight into Design: How to Spot Manufacturing Methods

11:00-11:40 PMB432

Department of Architecture and Built Environment                                                

To BIM or not to BIM

11:40-12:20 CSET

School of Aerospace                                                                                                         

Flight Simulator Lab Tour

13:00-13:40 IAMET201

Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering      

Product Design and Innovation

13:40-14:20 PMB205 Design Studio

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering                                       

Aerobic Anaerobic Alcohol: an Old But New Process

14:20-15:00 PMB106


Nottingham University Business School China stands and talks: 8:30-16:00, in the Teaching Building (TB)


Time and venue

International Business and Sustainable Development Goal

9:40-10:10 TB118

Cross-cultural Communication

10:20-10:50 TB118

Why are some countries rich and others poor?

11:00-11:30 TB118

Becoming a STAR – Pathway to a Meaningful Life and Career for Business Students

13:00-13:30 TB118

Branding and Marketing

13:40-14:10 TB118


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences stands and talks: 8:30-16:00, in the Portland Building (PB)


Time and venue

School of International Studies                                                                                   

China in International Relations - Zheng He and Chinese International History

9:40-10:10 PB329

School of Education and English                                                                                

Learning Applied Linguistics at UNNC

10:20-10:50 PB329

Language Centre                                                                                                          

Learning Languages at UNNC. Languages can make a difference.

10:20-10:50 SAIC studio

School of Education and English                                                                                 

Learning MA Interpreting and Translation at UNNC

11:00-11:30 TB316

School of International Communications                                                             

Transmedia or not?

11:00-11:30 Library 308
Wonder Lab

School of Education and English                                                                                         

An Introduction to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

13:00-13:30 PB312

School of Economics                                                                                                          

How should we invest?

13:40-14:10 PB329

School of Education and English                                                                             

Language Attitudes of Mandarin Chinese using a MGT

13:40-14:10 PB312


Centre for English Language Education stands and talks: 8:30-16:00, in the Portland Building (PB)


Critical Thinking ‘What you need to develop to succeed at UNNC’

Transition and Adaptation: Adapting successfully to life and study at UNNC

Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing

Introduction to Academic Listening and Speaking

Mathematical Modelling in Science: The Transition from High School to University

Fun-tastic Science: Electromagnetism Demonstration & Virtual Reality Experience

Unlocking creativity: research-proven recipes 

Time and venue will be confirmed soon.


Campus tour: 8:30-16:00, across the bridge to residential zones. Students from WEAVER Organisation will provide you a great guided tour.

Join us for the campus colour run: registration from 9:30, behind the Siyuan Auditorium.

All in the name of fun, Campus Ambassadors will throw colourful corn powder and water ballons at participants as they run on campus.

Participants are advised to register as early as possible due to limited places. Please warm up before the start of the run at 10:30. There will also be a “Bubble Party” outside the Sports Centre.

Engage with our student societies and enjoy the culture of our "global village": 10:00-16:00, at displays in the campus residential zones. Presentations of traditional culture, clothes and cuisine from our international students as well as shows and exhibitions from our student societies and organisations. 


Mini open days

Attending a mini open day gives you the opportunity to speak to our staff and students, find out key course information and get a feel for student life at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

Our 2019 mini open days take place on: 

  • 23 March 
  • 27 April 
  • 11 May 
  • 16 June

Please fill in the online registration form for booking as we only take a small number on the tour.