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Graduation Summer 2019

D.H. Lawrence Auditorium
06 (00:00) - 07 July 2019 (00:00)

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Graduation is an important occasion for students to celebrate academic achievement with their families, friends and university staff.  This summer the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) will hold graduation ceremonies on 6-7 July 2019 in the D.H. Lawrence Auditorium. Graduands from the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Science and Engineering will receive their degrees at the ceremonies.  In addition, a number of 2+2 students who are studying in the UK will return to China to join in UNNC’s summer graduation.


Date &  Time


Ceremony 1

Saturday 6 July



BA International Business with Chinese/Communications Studies/ French/German/Japanese/Spanish

BSc International Business Economics

BSc (Ordinary) Business

MSc International Business

MSc Finance and Investment

MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

MSc International Management

MSc Professional Accounting

Ceremony 2

Saturday 6 July



BSc International Business Management

BSc Finance, Accounting and Management

PhD (Faculty of Business)

Ceremony 3

Sunday 7 July



BA International Communications Studies

BA International Communications Studies with Chinese

BA English Language and Applied Linguistics (including 2+2)

BA English with International Business

BA English Language and Literature (2+2)

BA European Studies

BA International Studies

BA International Studies (with Chinese/French/German/Japanese/Spanish)

MA International Communications Studies

MA Applied Linguistics

MA Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching

MA International Relations and International Business

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

MSc Business, Economy and Society of Contemporary China

PhD (School of International Communications, School of

English, School of International Studies, School of Education)

Ceremony 4

Sunday 7 July



BSc International Economics & Trade

BSc Computer Science (including 2+2)

BSc Environmental Sciences (including 2+2)

BSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (2+2)

BSc Mathematics with Applied Mathematics (2+2)

PhD (School of Computer Science)

Ceremony 5

Sunday 7 July



BEng Architectural Environment Engineering (including 2+2)

BEng Architecture

BEng Chemical Engineering (including 2+2)

BEng Civil Engineering (including 2+2)

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (including 2+2)

BEng Environmental Engineering (including 2+2)

BEng Mechanical Engineering (including 2+2)

BEng Mechatronic Engineering

BEng Product Design and Manufacture (including 2+2)

MSc Electronic Communications and Computer Engineering

MSc Geospatial Engineering with Building Information Modelling

MSc Engineering Surveying and Geodesy

MSc Electronic Communications and Computer Engineering with Industrial Internship

PhD/MRes (Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering)