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'We and Equality': a grass root organization shedding light on sexual harassment in China

11 April 2019 (18:00-19:00)


Joy Lin, the founder of ‘We and Equality’ had a career in a corporation. In 2016 she quit her job and started a grass root organization on gender equality with the objective of empowering people to choose their lifestyles regardless of gender to engage.

Inspired by Chinese #MeToo movement, ‘We and Equality’ started an interview project on sexual harassment in 2018. More than 30 people were interviewed, they selected 21 true stories with 19 from survivors of sexual harassment, 2 from sexual harassers and 5 interviews with opinion leaders and activists working in the field. They divided the true stories with 4 occasion in which sexual harassment most happens: Social interaction, campuses, work place and internet. In this talk, Joy Lin will share her story of why and how she started “We and Equality” as well as the mentioned project, discuss the most important issues regarding sexual harassment and tell you what you can do as a student. 

Joy Lin worked as a recruiting professional for eight years in an executive search firm and as an in-house recruiter of an American company.  In 2016 she started “We and Equality” in Shanghai to focus on public education on gender-related issues.