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Nottingham China Health Institute launch

On campus
09 (08:30) - 10 November 2018 (17:30)
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1st Sino-UK (Ningbo) Forum on Evidence-Based Medicine: from Evidence to Decision

Opening Ceremony for Nottingham China Health Institute

9-10 November 2018
University of Nottingham Ningbo China 


The first Sino-British (Ningbo) Evidence-Based Medicine Forum will be jointly hosted in Ningbo Zhejiang from 9-10 November 2018, in order to better promote the exchanges and cooperation between China and the UK in the medicine science.

The theme of the forum is “Evidence-Based Medicine: From Evidence to Decision Making”, and we aim to promote the evidence-based medicine in clinical practice. Leading by medical experts from China and the UK, including experts from international evidence-based medicine institutions such as Cochrane and GRADE, we will discuss the latest research on the clinical practice of evidence-based medicine, including the development of evidence-based medicine in China, the development of evidence-based medicine in medical policy, the role of hospital quality system management, the application of evidence-based medicine clinical decision support tools, etc.

This forum will provide an international platform for the various audiences, such as clinician practitioners, medical researchers, health policy makers and hospital managers in China, for the communication and future collaboration in research and people exchange. 

In addition, during this forum, we will also hold the inauguration ceremony of the Nottingham China Health Institute and the China GRADE Center (Ningbo), and the launching ceremony of the BMJ for the Evidence-Based Medicine China.

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