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08 June (00:00) - 01 July 2018 (00:00)

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2017- 2018 Languages for all is coming @ The Language Centre!

  • Level 1.1 for absolute beginners; Level 1.2 for beginners; Level 2.1 for Intermediate.
  • Fee (For Both Level 1.1 & 1.2)
    • External Applicants: 2800 RMB;
    • UNNC Students & Staff: 2500 RMB
  • Capacity Per Class: Maximum 20 students
  • Registration Deadline: 1st June 2018
  • Dates: 8th June ~ 1st July, 2018
  • Duration:
    • 2 weekdays, 2 hours on Wednesday, 3-4 hours on Friday
    • 2 weekends, 3-4 hours on Saturday, 2-4 hours on Sunday
Language Courses 

Italian (Level 1.1)

Tutor: Giovannipaolo Ferrari     

Friday & Saturday 4 - 8pm

8th/9th/22nd/23rd June

Course Code: I1003


French (Level 1.1, 1.2)

Tutor: Eugenie Duthoit

Friday & Saturday 4 - 8pm           

8th/9th/22nd/23rd June

Course Code: F1004

German (Level 1.1, 1.2)

Tutor: Helga Mullneritsch

Wednesday 6-8pm 13th/20th June

Friday & Saturday 5-8pm 8th/9th/22nd/23rd June

Course Code: G1003


Japanese (Level 1.1, 1.2)

Tutor: Yoshihiro Kagawa

Saturday 1-3pm 9th/23th June

Sunday 3:15-5:15pm 10th/24th June                     

Course Code: J1004

Spanish (Level 1.1, 1.2)

Tutor: Arminda Hernandez

Friday & Saturday 4-8pm 8th/9th/22nd/23rd June

Course Code: S1009

Spanish (Level 2.1)

Tutor: Carmen Mortara

Friday & Saturday 4-8pm 22nd/23rd

Saturday & Sunday 4-8pm 30th June/1st July

Course Code: S2001


Language Tutors

Giovannipaolo Ferrari

Italian and French Language Tutor

Before joining UNNC, Giovannipaolo was a Lecturer of French and Italian Busi-ness, Management and Organizational Studies at Dalian University of Foreign Languages in China. He obtained two Ph.D. in Sociology and Linguistics and was awarded with the “Doctor Europaeus” mention. In addition, Giovannipaolo is the Language Centre' Coordinator of "Languages for All courses".


Eugénie Duthoit

French Language Tutor

Before joining UNNC, Eugenie has worked since 2006 as a French language teacher, a temporary research and teaching assistant and a teacher trainer in the area of French as a Foreign Language, Applied Linguistics, Educational technologies and Digital Humanities in France, India and China.

Her PhD research explored the concept of “help” in teaching and learning languages in two pedagogical situations: face-to-face and online teaching and learning.


Helga Müllneritsch

German Language Tutor

Helga is a German Language Tutor at UNNC, teaching introductory German to two classes of 11-17 first- to third-year students. Before Helga came to China, she taught at the University of Liverpool, creating and delivering all content for both an elementary and an intermediate German language course in 2017/18. In 2014/15 and 2017, she led a lecture on culture in Weimar Germany there. From 2013 to September 2017, Helga also acted as an independent language tutor for German, providing one-to-one instruction, sometimes in-person but often entirely online.


Yoshiro Kagawa

Japanese Language Tutor

This is the 3rd year for Yoshiro to teach at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC).

Before joining the UNNC, he taught Japanese language at universities in Ma-laysia for more than 8 years.


Arminda Hernández

Spanish Language Tutor

Arminda joined UNNC in 2014, after more than 3 years teaching Spanish in Chinese Universities. She is qualified as a Spanish teacher in both Spain and the UK. Arminda hold a Masters Degree in Language Teaching and Interculturality and a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. In her teaching, Arminda focuses on developing students' language learning skills while tapping into their personal interests for learning a new language.


Carmen Castro-Mortara

Spanish Language Tutor

The name of Carmen Castro-Mortara is originally from Peru. Carmen lived in England for over 20 years and she is a British Citizen. Carmen has 35 years of experience teaching Spanish and English as a foreign language at university level in London, Lima and Madrid; and she has worked as a senior manager in the University of London (King’s College London) and within the Ministry of Ed-ucation in Peru, specialising in language education.

In 2017, Carmen was appointed as a member of the Spanish Team at UNNC, and she has been given responsibility for overseeing the UNNC Language Centre’s outreach activities. These include the annual Open Day, where the students and the wider public are encouraged to enrol in language classes and the Evening Programme language courses.