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UNNC International Education week

UNNC Campus
08 (00:00) - 15 April 2017 (23:59)

International Education Week will be held from 8th April till 15th April, a period of 8 days before the University Open Day.

The International Education Week aims to enhance the association and communication between The University of Nottingham Ningbo China and the local community, share the outcomes of globalized education while transmit its good influences and impact, promote integration between local and international students, enhance communications among academic staff, professional staff and students, and further intensify the international impact brought by UNNC to Ningbo and China.

During the International Education Week, there will be a specific suit of activities with different themes to be carried out which include cultural exchange, music, screen industry, social responsibility, fashion, competition, charity and student leadership. During the period, all the activities are available to all students and staff, while some of them will be open to the public or invited external guests.


08 SAT

Indonesia day

Guest speech

performace cuisine 

09 SUN


Raw music festival

Mini open day

 10 MON

Tailor My Future

Living in China

UK Essentials

NCI Ningbo

Chinese Bridge Nomination Competition

 11 TUE

Screen Industry

Premiere of NottingMan

Orchestra Original Soundtrack Performance

12 WE

Social Responsibility 

Fashion show

Bonne Fete

Guest lecture on social volunteering

13 THU

Voice of Ningbo 

The Readers 1stDubbing Competition, Ningbo

 14 FRI

Student Leadership

Opening Ceremony of student summit

2017 Youth leader Summit

15 SAT


Mask Campaign