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The Tri-Campus Art Festival

The D.H. Lawrence Auditorium, UNNC
11 (00:00) - 16 June 2017 (23:59)

Tele: +86 574 8818 0000 - 8479 (Ext. 8479)


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Note: Scan the QR code of each performance to get the E-tickets, use that E-tickets to entrance

Tri-Campus Art is an annual arts event of the University of Nottingham among three campuses, which aims to promote cultural exchanges among the tutors and students under different cultural backgrounds and to promote the prosperity of the international art. This year, the Tri-Campus Art comes to China campus, the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China. During the period of June 11 to June 16, we will offer you 5 wonderful performances including symphony, folk music, chorus, drama, dance, etc. This will be an unprecedented feast of art.

Theater 'Blue Stockings'

Introduction: It is 1896. Girton College, Cambridge is the first college in Britain to admit women. They study ferociously and match their male peers grade for grade. The men graduate, however the women leave empty-handed, with nothing but the stigma of being a ‘blue stocking’ – an unnatural, educated woman. Principal Welsh is determined to win the women the right to graduate, whatever the cost. Set against the backdrop of women’s suffrage, this is a moving, comical and eye-opening story of women’s fight for education and self-determination.

This version has been specially adapted from our full cast production using a combination of film and live action for Tri-Campus Arts 2017.


Theater 'The Amber'

Introduction: Xiaoyou, a young woman just appears at the hospital where Gao Yuan has just undergone his major heart transplant and then, she flirts with him, and then, she falls in love with him. No one knows why this happened since Xiaoyou has just lost her fiancé and Gao Yuan seems like a man who will never have interests in women like Xiao You. Meanwhile, Gao Yuan is planning on his new book, The Shout of Bed and he wants Yaoyao, a sexy and open woman pretend to be the writer just to make a stunt and increase the sales…

With plenty of interaction and accompany, Gao Yuan genuinely falls for Xiaoyou, he loves her and wants to give all he has to Xiaoyou but this time, Xiaoyou hesitates and doesn’t know whether to accept Gao Yuan’s love or not… Unexpected thing happens all the time and the truth is cruel, whether they could find their way to love finally seems more and more invisible…


Musicals 'Don Quixote, A Man of La Mancha’

Introduction: Based on one of the most influential readings of all times, Miguel de Cervantes’ monumental novel Don Quixote, this acclaimed musical theatre piece explores the quest of a man with an impossible dream: to right the unrightable wrong, to reach the unreachable star. A man who willingly sees giants where others just see windmills, a man who finds the extraordinary within those who thought they were just ordinary. This is the story of a knight, a gallant, a visionary.

The story of Don Quixote, A Man of La Mancha is directed by Sergio Camacho and Luis Ortega, and featuring a full cast of actors, singers, a choir and a Western and Chinese Orchestra, this musical is the new offering from Uni Per Arts, the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Performing Arts Platform.


Tri-Campus Arts Gala Concert

Introduction: Talented student musicians from the University of Nottingham campuses in China, Malaysia and the UK join forces to present an exciting programme of music from Western and Chinese traditions. Featuring performances by the Tri-Campus Arts Orchestra, Traditional Chinese Orchestra and the Arts Choir includes two parts, Chinese traditional music and western symphony, to meet the auditory aesthetic needs of different audiences. The first part mainly focuses on western music including Beethoven Coriolan Overture, Mozart Symphony No.31 in D major, KV297 (Paris), and John Rutter Beauty of the Earth. The secondly part provides Chinese style music, such as Chinese folk song ‘Jasmine’, Liu Tieshan and Mao Yuan’s spirited and joyful ‘Dance of the Yao People’. Moreover, the Suite from the film ‘Nottingman’ by UNNC student He Minghai will also be a new interpretation. Feeling the artistic charm of the concert! Enjoying the gorgeous feast of the ears!


Introduction: What do you do when you have international guests coming to visit? How do you introduce them to Chinese culture? You tell them the wonderful tales of Sun Wukong, of course! This production, directed by Derek Irwin, was workshopped with students at UNNC from scripts developed in the Creative Writing programme at UNMC, and brought to life with a cast including those from UNUK. It incorporates some of our favourite Monkey King stories (including White Skeleton, Travel in Womenland, and True and False Monkey), bringing them to life with help from all of our international actors. Enjoy the antics of China’s top folk hero through the eyes of people seeing him for the first time!


Time of event



6.12   7-8:30pm

Blue Stockings

6.13 7-9pm

The Amber

6.14 7-9pm

Don Quixote,   A Man of La Mancha

6.15 7-9pm

Tri-Campus   Arts Gala Concert

6.16 7-9pm

The Monkey   King Gala