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UNNC 2016 Entrepreneurship Day

09 April 2016 (09:00-20:00)

Andrea Lane (Assistant Professor, Nottingham University Business School China)

P: 0574 8818 0087


IGNITE - The UNNC Entrepreneurship Day 2016 is going to be held by Nottingham University Business School China (NUBS China) on Saturday 9th April, 2016. It is an exciting opportunity for students, staff and alumni to meet and learn from more than 15 entrepreneurs and investors.

The annual event seeks to foster and encourage a culture of entrepreneurship across the University. Attendees – UNNC students, staff, alumni and the wider community will have the opportunity to meet and learn from emerging and prominent entrepreneurs, pitch their own ideas and learn what it’s like to build a start-up.

Date of event:  9th April, 2016

Time of event:  9am-8pm

Location: Auditorium, main activities in the morning of 9th April, workshops at TB 329 and TB226 in the afternoon.

Key sessions include:

  • Panels and keynotes by distinguished and emerging entrepreneurs. Topics include “Overcoming Adversity”, “Innovation in Education” and “Starting an Online Business”.
  • Interactive Workshops: students can receive training on design thinking or how to become an investor. Alumni and professionals can learn about business modeling for the truck industry.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Conference : The Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance will hold their annual Yangtze River Delta Youth Entrepreneurship conference for students from across the Yangtze Delta.
  • Campus Startup finals: Sunny-Biz will host the finals of their annual campus startup program.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Alan Wang - Founder and CEO of Be Better (distinguished social entrepreneur)
  • Ding Li  - Vice President, NPI (largest national non-profit incubator in China)
  • Hongchen Deng – Founder, APP Xiao Jiang You ( Graduate entrepreneur from Beijing)
  • Norman Chang - Investment Associate, 500 Startups (most active international early-stage investor)
  • Ken Tang - President and CEO, Sinoken Corp. (distinguished entrepreneur from Ningbo)
  • Qingwei Zheng – marketing director, TusStar Beijing ( Incubator)
  • Tong Liu - Co-founder, Genshuixue (emerging entrepreneur)
  • Ning Zhang - Founder, Taskou (serial entrepreneur from Shanghai)
  • Yuming Luo – Vice President, Junrun Capital (investment firm)
  • Yifeng Yuan- Project Director, TusStar Ningbo (Incubator)

to be continued...

The Entrepreneurship Day aims to:

  • Inspire student towards entrepreneurship through role modeling and by providing learning platform.
  • Connect entrepreneurial students on campus for collaboration.
  • Facilitate an entrepreneurial culture on campus.
  • Build NUBS connections with entrepreneurs in Ningbo and beyond

The event is open to UNNC staff, students and the public. Please sign up for the Panels and keynotes sessions & Interactive Workshops by clicking the links below each session.