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Peace or War Journalism? An Analysis of Chinese News Media's Coverage of the Libyan Crisis in 2011

28 October 2015 (18:00-19:30)

School of International Communications invite you to attend the following talk on conflict coverage in Chinese news media:

About the talk

This study aims to examine Chinese news media's coverage and portrayal of Libyan crisis in 2011, thus to reveal whether Chinese news media function as practicing war journalism or peace journalism and to reveal the factors that influence Chinese war reporting.  Research questions explored in this research are: Are Chinese media practicing war journalism or peace journalism?  How do the Chinese news media cover and frame Libyan crisis? Based on the quantitative content analysis and CDA (Critical Discourse Analysis) on People's Daily and Global Times, I argue that Chinese journalists adopt a uniquely pragmatic approach in practicing wartime journalism.  Consciously or unconsciously, they practice a mixture of war and peace journalism. The dominant frames are peace journalism. Both the central and peripheral news outlets practice more peace journalism than war journalism but they cover the conflicts differently in terms of the focus, tone and use of languages. While the central media like the People's Daily are more official, neutral, and rigid in the war reporting, peripheral media like the Global Times are sensational, dramatic, and taking sides.

About the speaker

Shixin Ivy Zhang, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in Journalism Studies at the School of International Communications, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. Her research focuses on journalism studies, newsroom convergence, media management, and media globalization. She published her first research monograph entitled Impact of Globalization on the Local Press in China in 2014. Her other publications appeared in the Journal of Mass Media Ethics (2009), Chinese Journal of Communication (2012, 2009), International Journal on Media Management  (2010), Journalism Practice (2012), Media, War and Conflict (2013), Asian Journal of Communication (2014) and Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (2015).