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Gender & Sexual Diversity: The Basics

14 March 2015 (13:30-16:30)

Giovanna Comerio -

Clifton Evers -


This talk will be presented by Paulina Cuevas and Lukas Berrerdo.

With a focus on gender, culture and identities, the Gender, Culture and Identities Dialogue Series, supported by the Faculty of Arts and Education, broadens the learning experience of students from all faculties. Staff from different schools and campuses, speakers from student societies and the broader community will meet students and give them an opportunity to discuss and learn together. 

Students will explore the identity through the notions of gender, identity, and culture which will be critically discussed–through workshops and seminars and panels–with scholars of different disciplines and experts from varying cultural backgrounds. Topics will range from gender to feminism, from women and career to masculinity, and intercultural communication. 

This is a new opportunity for knowledge exchange and the enhancement of our learning community.

Once a month:

  • Meet in a supportive and stimulating environment
  • Share your views and opinions about various aspects of identity
  • Talk with scholars from different disciplines and experts from various backgrounds