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Communism in the UK

17 March 2015 (18:30-19:30)

Alan McCluskey - 
+86(0)574 8818 0182


Journalist Paul Anderson, author of the book Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British Left, traces the history of Communism in the UK through its relationship with and perspective on the Soviet Union. In this talk, Anderson explores both the British Communists for whom Moscow could do no wrong as well as those British Communists who distanced themselves from or actively rejected the Soviet style.

Former journalist and editor Paul Anderson is now at work on a companion book to Moscow Gold that looks at the impact of Chinese communism. When not running Aaargh! Press, a small publishing company, Anderson lectures at University of Essex.

Bookworm International Literary Festival 2015

The Bookworm International Literary Festival at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, coordinated by the School of English, promises to be a celebration of the power of literature and ideas.  

This year Bookworm 2015 will see a number of internationally-renowned and award-winning novelists from a variety of backgrounds deliver talks, seminars and workshops on a wide range of interesting subjects, from gender and sexuality in China to the political relationship between Russia and the UK. The events will also allow the audience to engage and share ideas with the speakers, and there will be opportunities for those interested to receive professional advice on how to develop as a writer or pursue a career in the literary world.