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A conversation with a Chinese queer filmmaker

16 September 2015 (18:00-19:30)

Giovanna Comerio -



Popo FAN is a queer independent filmmaker and curator based in Beijing whose documentary work mostly focus on LGBT and on gender. In this conversation, he will share with us his experience as a queer independent film maker in China and abroad. He will tell us about his beginnings, his choices, and how he has been able to carve out a cultural and social space for his ideas and values. To know better about him, you can watch two of his movies on-line: Mama Rainbow and The VaChina Monologues

Popo FAN published Happy Together: Complete Record of a Hundred Queer Films (Beifang Wenyi Press, 2007). Among his works, New Beijing, New Marriage (2009); Paper House (2009); Chinese Closet (2010); Be a Woman (2011); Mama Rainbow (2012); The VaChina Monologues (2013). His works have screened at national and international film festivals such as Vancouver International Film Festival, Frameline (San Francisco), OUTFEST (Los Angeles), Kashish (Mumbai), Q Film Festival (Jakarta), CinemAsia (Amsterdam), Asian Hot Shots (Berlin).

About the ‘Gender, Culture and Identities Dialogue’ Series

With a focus on gender, culture and identities, the series broadens the learning experience of students from all faculties. Staff from different schools and campuses, speakers from student societies and the broader community will meet students and give them an opportunity to discuss and learn together. Students will explore the identity through the notions of gender, identity, and culture. Topics will range from gender to feminism, from women and career to masculinity, and intercultural communication.

The series is supported by the Faculty of Arts and Education and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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