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Transition of future energy systems: decoupling between development and emissions

07 March 2014 (14:00-15:00)

The Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering is pleased to invite you to the following lecture presented by Professor Jinyue Yan.

About the lecture

A direct link between emissions and gross domestic product (GDP) is experienced in the most countries. The urgent actions for mitigating climate change call for the decoupling of the economic growth from emissions. Innovative climate change mitigation technologies and systems have critical roles to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing greenhouse gas sinks. The wider adoption of existing climate-friendly technologies, the development and deployment of demonstrated and innovative technologies, and increased utilisation of non-fossil fuels are of importance together with the favourable policy incentives. Such options could create a new opportunities and possibilities for the future carbon-constrained economy. As an example, this speech reviews the Swedish experience and examples on decoupling development and emissions. In the presentation, state-of-the art of the technologies, policy incentives and barriers, research and development needs and innovations will be addressed.

Speaker biography

Professor Jinyue Yan is a professor of Energy Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Mälardalen University (MDU), Sweden. He is director of Future Energy Profile, the energy platform with funding of over 10 million Euro from Swedish Knowledge Foundation and industrial partners. He received his PhD at KTH in 1991. During 2001 to 2005, Professor Yan was chair professor and head of Energy Engineering Department at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. Professor Yan’s research interests include simulation and optimisation of advanced energy systems including advanced power generation; climate change mitigation technologies and related issues in environment and policy; clean development mechanism (CDM) and renewable energy, especially in biomass energy, and fundamental engineering thermodynamics. Professor Yan has published about 300 papers including a paper in Science and a special feature article in ASME Mechanical Engineering.

Professor Yan is editor-in-chief of the international journal, Applied Energy, and advisory editor of EnergyProcedia published by Elsevier. He is editor-in-chief of Handbook of Clean Energy Systems by Wiley. He is conference chairman of International Conference on Applied Energy ICAE, (Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, China, South Africa, Taiwan), the 3rd International Green Energy Conference (IGEC-III); Conference Co‐Chair of IGEC‐IV. He is associate editor and editorial board members of several international journals, including Energy, Energy Conversion & Management, International Journal of Energy Research, Energy Engineering and Sciences, International Journal of Green Energy, Scientific Review (China), and Frontiers of Energy and Power Engineering (Springer). He also serves as the advisory expert to the United Nation, European Union Commission, and Asian Development Bank, and other international organisations; Overseas Assessor of Chinese Academy of Sciences; and academic advisor to Hong Kong Polytechnic University.