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Lecture: AIA Gold Medal Architect Adrian Welke

05 December 2014 (18:00-19:00)

Dr Rosangela Tenorio
Associate Professor in Architecture and Built Environment
Tel: + 86 (0)574 8818 9314


Architect Adrian Welke is the Director of Troppo architects, award winning architectural practice. He is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Australia, Perth-WA. He is coming to The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) at the end of November, hosted by the Department of Architecture and Built Environment for an intense series of design workshops, seminars, lectures and masterclasses. On 5 December he will deliver the Public Lecture at 6pm in SSB 329. 

The Australian Institute of Architects has awarded its 2014 Gold Medal to Adrian Welke and Phil Harris of Troppo architects. This is the most prestigious award for architectural practices in Australia, well-deserved for the architects that co-founded Troppo architects in 1980 in Darwin, northern Australia. Over 34 years or practice work they have developed an architecture that the jury describes as “a unique approach to Australian architecture: irreverent but sophisticated, inventive with a tinge of larrikin spirit… they have evolved an architecture that deals with the heat, the rain, the place and the subtleties of climate”. The firm has diversified and has established additional studios in Adelaide, Townsville and Perth. They are the third most awarded architectural practice in Australia, carrying a distinctly Australian Style of Architecture. They are the first and currently the only Australian recipients of the LOCUS Foundation Global award for Sustainable architecture awarded to them in 2010.

Adrian Welke will also join the selected group of nine students from interdisciplinary areas within the Faculty of Science and Engineering (Product Design and Manufacturing, Architecture and Environmental Engineering and Architecture and Built Environment) and two staff members recently awarded a UNUK Cascade Impact Award: funding transformative student projects thanks to donations from alumni and friends of The University of Nottingham, to travel to India as part of an environmental design development programme in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science, IISc Bangalore, India and the University of Coburg, Germany. This programme will be held from 6 - 14 December 2014, when Architect Adrian Welke finishes his collaboration with Department of Architecture and Built Environment, UNNC.