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Liberal Arts Education Conference

19 (09:00) - 20 April 2014 (17:00)

Rebecca Jin
Provost Office
+86 (0)574 88180389


The conference aims to explore concepts and development directions of liberal arts education worldwide and to address issues that Chinese research-led universities face in the practice of liberal education in China, and is co-organised by Peking University, Fudan University and The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

50 – 60 delegates will be attending the conference, mainly senior administrators and academics from research-led universities in China and abroad who have been experimenting liberal arts education.

On 19 April there will be keynote speeches and on 20 April there will be group discussions on various aspects of liberal arts education, including reform of management mechanisms and strategies of liberal arts education in Chinese universities, delivery of liberal arts courses, and international cooperation in liberal arts education.




By invitation only, please send your request to the contacts above if you would like to attend the conference.