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Game studies: The construction of a field

23 April 2014 (17:00-18:30)

The School of International Communications is pleased to invite you to a seminar by Assistant Professors Paul Martin and Bjarke Liboriussen as part of our research seminar series.

About the seminar

How does academic field construction take place? We address this question through a case study of 'game studies', the interdisciplinary field of research which has digital games as its object. Emerging over the last 15 years or so, contemporary game studies has been constructed through what Thomas Gieryn calls 'boundary work', and we will focus on four examples of such work:

  • the definition of an object of analysis that is poorly served by existing disciplines
  • the incorporation and exclusion of theories and methods from other disciplines
  • the identification of founding figures who are located in 'proper disciplines', and the 'travelling' (Mieke Bal) of foundational concepts from these disciplines and into the field of game studies
  • the establishment of an institutional framework by which the field can stabilise and reproduce itself

The presentation will also serve as an introduction to game studies for those unfamiliar with this emerging field (and/or with digital games).