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EEE Department Professional Advisory Board Annual One-Day Event

07 November 2014 (09:30-18:00)

Julien Le Kernec
Tel: +86 (0)574 8818 2453


Professional Advisory Board

To advise the Department on strategy and planning for its teaching and research programmes in the light of global industrial developments, and policies and targets set by the University, learned societies and professional institutions, research councils, and central and local government. This will involve:

  • The relevance of courses taught by the Department
  • Recommendations for changes to individual modules and the introduction of new material
  • Quality Assurance mechanisms for taught courses
  • The overall research strategy of the Department
  • Advice on specific areas of research
  • Assistance in networking to develop collaborative research and teaching programmes

The theme this year is Business Awareness in Technical Education (BATE).

Board members

Name Organisation
Dr Lei Lang The 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 
Professor Teng Long Beijing Institute of Technology 
Francois Chambon TCL communication Technology Holdings Limited 
Wayne Wu Sondrel IC Design Services (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. 
Xin Wen Glodon Software Company Limited 
Duo Li Ericsson (Xi’an) Information Communication Technology Services Co.,Ltd. 
Dou Shen Baidu 
Ting You Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Bureau 
Yuanyuan Li Technology Innovation Center – Ningbo - Yangtze delta region Insititute of Tsinghua University 
Zhiyong Chen Ningbo Daxin Semi-condcutor Ltd 
Ian Mercer IET Beijing

One-Day Event Activities

The Chair will open the event and a round table of the Board.

The Head of Department then will give a presentation on the "state of the Department" - new staff, student numbers, new courses, research info, plans etc for the year.

The Chair and an academic staff will then then give a presentation introducing the theme “Business Awareness in Technical Education”.

After lunch the board splits into groups and are given a flip chart and a room for some peace and quiet.  Each group discusses all the issues raised in the theme presentation.  Once they come back into the main meeting room, we then go round the groups with one person from each presenting their thoughts and suggestions.  There is a bit of discussion at this stage but once all the groups have spoken then there is a general discussion.