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China-Africa Relations: Characteristics and challenges

21 April 2014 (15:00-16:30)

The School of International Studies and the Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies (IAPS) are pleased to invite you to a seminar presented by Professor Li Anshan, Director of Center for African Studies at Peking University.

About the seminar

The seminar will illustrate the long history of China-Africa relations, focusing on the recent bilateral cooperation under the FOCAC framework. What are the similarities between China and Africa? Why do China and Africa relations develop so fast? What are the characteristics of China-Africa cooperation? Are there any differences in China’s engagement in Africa from that of Europe or the West? What are the challenges facing the China-Africa relations? The seminar will try to answer these questions.

Speaker biography

Professor Li Anshan (PhD Toronto), School of International Studies, Director of Center for African Studies at Peking University, is President of Chinese Society of African Historical Studies and Vice-President of International Scientific Committee of UNESCO General History of Africa (Vol.9). His publications includes A History of Chinese Overseas in Africa, British Rule and Rural Protest in Southern Ghana (New York), Studies on African Nationalism, Social History of Chinese Overseas in Africa: Selected Documents,1800-2005, Ancient Kingdoms in Africa, A History of Overseas Chinese in Africa till 1911 (New York), Chinese Medical Cooperation with Africa (Uppsala), FOCAC after Twelve Years (Uppsala), and African Dream: A Search for Modernization. In recent years he has given speeches on China-African relations in Africa, Europe and America. He was invited as distinguished guest at FOCAC Beijing Ministerial Conference (2000), Sino-African Education Ministers Forum (2005) and FOCAC-Beijing Summit (2006). In 2010, he led a delegation to Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania with a mission to evaluate the follow-up action of FOCAC.