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"Why so serious?" - TEDxUNNC

30 November 2013 (14:00-18:00)

Look at the world around you. How ‘busy’ are you really? What will really happen if you don’t reply to your boss’ email today?

Why do you often find yourself doubting your own abilities? What will you do tomorrow that you didn’t do yesterday? Life is precious and our time is limited.

Eight speakers, from all around the world, will share their stories, ideas and experiences relating to the theme "Why so serious?" at the first event of the year organised by TEDxUNNC

Talks featured will vary from how to defy social convention to wrongful perceptions of Africa. It is due to be a fantastic afternoon full of passionate ideas and deep discussions that will broaden your surroundings whilst making you question your own conventions.

Tickets are limited to 220 and snacks/refreshments will be provided in the break. All members are of the public are welcome too.

They can be purchased by calling Elliott on 13136381390 or Jess on 18815275564.

Tickets will also be available to buy on-the-day (subject to availability).