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Understanding sustainable innovation in the Chinese construction industry

27 November 2013 (11:00-13:00)

The School of International Studies is pleased to invite you to a seminar presented by Mr Shijin Zhou, PhD student of Nottingham University Business School (NUBS). This talk is part of the School of International Studies' postgraduate research seminar series.

About the talk

Innovation diffusion study is a study field which tries to understand the diffusion patterns of a specific kind of technology, such as cell phones. The construction industry, a traditional industry which has a long history, has lagged in adopting innovations. However, the construction industry consumes more than 30% energy than necessary if the problem was tackled by adopting green building technologies.
My research focuses on understanding the diffusion pattern of green innovations in the construction industry.

Speaker biography

Mr Shijin Zhou, BEng Transportation Engineering, Tongji University (1999-2003) MEng Transportation Engineering, Tongji University (2005-2007) MSci Environmental Science and Sustainability Development, Lund University (2009-2011) Project Manager, Zhejiang Provincial Institution of Transportation Planning and Design (2003-2007) Vice President / Director of Research, Sino Transportation Material Group, (2007-2009).