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The Future of Money: the Imperative of Currency Innovation

09 September 2013 (13:30-14:30)

Nottingham University Business School China (NUBS China) invites you to attend a public lecture titled The Future of Money: the Imperative of Currency Innovation presented by Professor Jem Bendell, Director of Institute for Leadership and Sustainability, University of Cumbria, UK.

About the lecture

Since the Western financial crisis, more people are asking: what is wrong with money? Could the nature of credit and money today be encouraging economic, social and environmental problems? Meanwhile, new technologies such as Bitcoin indicate that the future of money, credit and exchange could be very different than today. What are the opportunities and threats for communities, businesses, banks and governments from innovations in currency? How should a responsible business respond? How can governments promote beneficial innovation while addressing potential problems? Is it possible to create monetary systems that enable fair and sustainable economic activity? In this talk, Professor Jem Bendell outlines some of the issues, innovations and hopes in this fast moving field of currency innovation, and how it will impact on the future relationship of government, banking, business and society. He draws upon his recent paper Currencies of Transition.

Speaker biography

Professor Jem Bendell has worked on business and sustainable development for almost 20 years, in business, government and civil society, as well as academia. In 2012, the World Economic Forum appointed him a Young Global Leader, in recognition of his work on cross-sector alliances for sustainable development. He has been a consultant to the United Nations since 1996, writing five UN reports on sustainable development issues. This year he co-designed and co-chaired the first UN conference on complementary currencies. He is a leading commentator on that topic, discussing it on Al Jazeera, in the Guardian newspaper, and with his TEDx talk the most watched online on complementary currencies, with over 50,000 views. He is on the board of Community Forge, an NGO which provides free open source software for community currency. He is developing a research and educational programme on these topics at the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) he founded at the University of Cumbria in the UK.