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Managing Autonomy – a case study at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China

14 January 2013 (11:00-12:30)

The Institute for Creative and Digital Cultures  (ICDC) are pleased to invite you to the following lecture delivered by Filippo Gilardi:


It is an essential requirement of Western universities for students to engage in autonomous self-study in order to progress. However, with the introduction of Western universities into China a pedagogical issue has arisen. In Chinese high schools students are directed to study specific aspects of their courses by their tutors who strictly allocate time-slots and time allowed for each activity. This means that Chinese students who attend Western universities can be ill-prepared in managing their own time and setting their own self-study goals. Therefore, Nottingham University Ningbo China’s Language Center (LC) has inaugurated a self-study program whereby students are directed to engage in self-study together in a physical location, such as a computer room, supervised by one of their tutors. This program has been monitored by tutors from the Self-Study committee who have devised goal-setting and reflective questionnaires that are designed to improve students’ ability to set achievable objectives and manage their time efficiently. This seminar will describe how the LC is developing this self-study program and discuss the results.


Filippo Gilardi is a French Language Tutor in the Division of International Communications at UNNC and holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Sorbonne University. His current research interests focus on the theoretical changes that new media are creating within literary studies and on the way we are teaching and learning. He is also interested in foreign language curriculum development adapted to local contexts. He is currently creating a start-up to develop a platform to produce interactive ePubs. His role involves creating complex content to help developers improve the final platform performances.