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End of year exhibition of architecture student's work

20 June 2013 (19:00)



Dr Llewellyn Tang
Head of the Department


Dr Shibu Raman
Course Director - Architecture


Enran Zhang
President of IASA



2013 UNNC Architecture Exhibition

Cube symbolises earth in China. Architecture students at UNNC have worked on number of design projects creating spaces on the cube [earth] for the existing and future communities. This exhibition, titled 'Creating Spaces on the Cube', represents the work from UNNC architecture students from the academic year 2012-13. The exhibition gives a glimpse of UNNC's philosophical, theoretical, technical discourses on the 'Architecture of China'.

The Cubes in this exhibition are arranged to simulate urban spaces, alleyways, streets, blocks and squares. They are also linked to the everyday events and festivals that people are related to. Thus, the SEB atrium can be perceived as a launching platform for lanterns, as they fly away with messages from our students talking about their dreams and aspirations.