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Eco-tranlatology and Translators' Responsibilities

21 February 2013 (18:15-19:45)

The Institute for Creative and Digital Cultures  (ICDC) are pleased to invite you to the following lecture delivered by Ms Annie Xia:

Time and location: 18:15-19:45 Thursday 21st February SSB228

Title: Eco-tranlatology and Translators’ Responsibilities  


The talk refers to a new paradigm in Translation Studies originating from China: Eco-tranlatology. The term refers to the Greek word “ecology”, which indicates the relationship of plants and animals to their environment. Eco-tranlatology believes that translation practice as a human activity within a cultural environment is subject to ecological conditions. Translators are placed in the centre of the whole translation process and need to be adaptive to their eco-environment, which includes the original author, readers, text, publishers and their translation strategies need to be selective to all of these elements.


Annie is both a practitioner in interpreting and translation and a teacher in these two areas. Before joining the UNNC, she worked for a university in Shanghai for 11 years. She has been working as a consecutive interpreter and simultaneous interpreter for the past 10 years.  Annie is also an active member of Shanghai Interpreters’ Association and the Academic Director for Cambridge Academy of Translation. She is a visiting lecturer at Melbourne Translation Institute and Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT), Australia. Currently she is doing a PhD and will complete her study and research by 2014. Her major research interests include deverbolization in interpreting and translation, psychological processes in CI and SI, note-taking skills in CI, cultural issues in interpreting and translation, short-term and medium-term memory training in interpreting and translation ecology. Her most recent publication is Practical Skills in Interpreting - Consecutive Interpreting.

All are welcome!