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Chinese War Correspondents: their motivations, roles and impact of digital technology

30 April 2013 (18:30-19:45)

The Institute for Creative and Digital Cultures (ICDC) are pleased to invite you to the following lecture delivered by Dr Shixin Ivy Zhang:

About the talk

Reporting of international news in China has changed significantly in recent years. Driven by the demands of the domestic market, growing financial strengths of national and metropolitan news organizations, availability of digital technology, and the state's strategy to enhance "soft power" and make China's voices heard in the global arena, more and more Chinese correspondents go to the war and conflict spots abroad to report and file news coverage back home - a rare occurrence in the past. This study examines a "new breed" of Chinese war correspondents bred of this very new journalistic environment, and how they negotiate their changing and challenging roles by asking about their identities, motivations, perceptions and reflections on their roles, and the use and impact of digital technologies such as micro blogging and convergent journalism. The study finds that this new breed is neither traditionally Chinese in their approach nor western in their perceptions but uniquely! Pragmatic in negotiating a complex mix of identities, motivations, corporate influences and state interests.


Dr. Shixin Ivy Zhang is an Assistant Professor in Journalism Studies at the School of International Communications. Her research areas include journalism studies, newsroom convergence, media management and media globalisation with a focus on China and comparative studies. Her recent publications appeared in the Journal of Mass Media Ethics (2009), Chinese Journal of Communication (2012, 2009), International Journal on Media Management (2010) and Journalism Practice (2012).She has years of journalistic experience as a full time/freelance journalist and editor with Chinese publications that include Global Times (English version), World Affairs Pictorial, Beijing Today (English), Beijing Youth Daily, Modern Weekly, Beijing Legal Evening News, as well as Leeds Student and BBC Radio Leeds.