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Boiling Coal in water - Hydrogen production and power generation system with zero net CO2 emission based on coal and supercritical water gasification

09 October 2013 (13:30-15:00)


Coal is the single most important fuel for power generationtoday. Nowadays, most coal is consumed by means of “burning coal in air” andpollutants such as NOx, SOx, CO2, PM2.5 et al. are inevitably formed and mixedwith excessive amount of inner gases, so the pollutant emission reductionsystem is complicated and the cost is high. IGCC is promising because coal isgasified before utilization. However the coal gasifier mostly operates in gasenvironments, so special equipment is needed for the purification of the rawgas and CO2 emission reduction.

Coal and supercritical water gasification process is anotherpromising way to convert coal efficiently and cleanly to H2 and pure CO2. Thegasification process is referred to as “boiling coal inwater” and pollutants of S and N deposits as solid residual and discharged fromthe gasifier. A novel thermodynamics cycle powergeneration system was proposed by us in State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flowin Power Engineering (SKLMFPE) of XJTU, which is based on coal andsupercritical water gasification and multi-staged steam turbine reheated byhydrogen combustion. It is characterized by its high coal-electricityefficiency and net CO2 emission and pollutants. A series of experimental devicefrom quartz tube system to a pilot scale has been established to realize thecomplete gasification of coal in SKLMFPE. It proved the prospects of coal andsupercritical water gasification process and the novel thermodynamics cyclepower generation system.



Prof. Liejin Guo received his Ph.D. in Power Engineering andEngineering Thermal Physics from Xi’an Jiaotong University.  He is theDirector of  State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering,and was selected by National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousands Talent Projectat first  level in 1999.  He is one of the leaders in the area ofmultiphase flow in China and was selected by the first cohort Chang JiangScholar in 1999.

His research interests focus on the laws of multi-phase flowand heat and mass transfer in high efficient clean energy-power system andheat-work conversion process, physical theory and key technologies inexploitation and mixed transportation of oil and gas, high efficienttransformation of renewable energy such as solar energy and biomass energy,mass production and use of hydrogen energy.

He has been principal investigator for tens of projectsfunded by state, province or ministries. The National Basic Research Programs(“973 Program”), named as Basic Research of Mass Hydrogen Production UsingSolar Energy and has been awarded twice. He also has been sponsored with NSFCmajor program, key program, State and important national science &technology specific projects from “9th Five-Year Plan” to “12th Five-YearPlan”, etc.