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A Tale of Two Strategies: Achieving China's Economic Development Strategy through the Human Capital Strategy

06 November 2013 (15:00-16:30)

The School of Contemporary Chinese Studies is pleased to invite you to the seminar presented by Associate Professor Tony Fang.

About the seminar

This seminar will review the success story of China's 35 years of economic reforms and open-door policy, analyse the emerging trends of the global labour market in the last three decades, and examine the profound impacts of global financial crisis, its root causes and lessons learned. Using Apple products as an example, we will also apply the human capital theory and resource-based view to demystify the real advantages of "Made-in-China" model, and speculate new sources of economic growth in the next ten years, and discuss how China can achieve its economic development strategies through its human capital strategies. Other hot-button issues will also be touched upon, such as skill mismatch, migrant workers, educational reforms, and global talent management in China.

Speaker biography

Dr Tony Fang is an Associate Professor (Continuing) in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University and an Associate Professor (Status) with the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management at the University of Toronto. Currently he is a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University and NBER and holds a J. Robert Beyster Fellowship at Rutgers University. He was also a Visiting Associate Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, City University of Hong Kong, University of Macau, Fudan University, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, and the China University of Geosciences. He taught Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations at York University and Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. He also served as the Domain Leader in Economic and Labour market Integration at CERIS - Ontario Metropolis Centre, a Faculty Associate at the York Centre for Asian Research, a Council Member of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC). In June 2011, he was elected as the President of the Chinese Economists Society (2012-2013). In 2010, he received the title of "Chutian Scholar" from Hubei Province in China.

Professor Fang has a PhD in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management from the University of Toronto. His areas of research interest encompass issues of compensation and benefits, high performance workplace practices, pension, retirement policy and the ageing workforce, education, immigration, and minimum wages, union impact on wages, innovation and firm growth, pay equity and employment equity. He has published in such journals as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of World Business, Industrial and Labor Relations Review (Cornell), Industrial Relations (Berkeley), British Journal of Industrial Relations, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Canadian Journal of Economics, Canadian Public Policy, China Economic Review, Journal of Labor Research, International Journal of Manpower, Journal of Management History, Social Indictors Research, and Perspectives on Labour and Income. He has also received nine research awards from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and five research grants from Human Resource and Development Canada (HRSDC).