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The Immanent Ethics and Aesthetics of Morvern Callar-A Feminist Reading

03 December 2012 (18:15-19:30)

The Institute for Creative and Digital Cultures (ICDC) are pleased to invite you to the following lecture delivered by Dr Teresa Rizzo

About the lecture

Morvern Callar is an interesting film from a feminist perspective, not simply because it is directed and written by women and has two female protagonists, but more so, because the main female character is not judged or punished for her transgressions. In their analysis of the Hollywood classical film style, feminist film theorists such as Laura Mulvey (1975), and Barbara Creed (1986), amongst many others, reveal the frequency with which female characters are judged and punished for transgressing moral codes, ideal standards and set gender roles. However, as there are no moral or legal consequences for the main character’s transgressions, Morvern Callar overturns this dynamic and explores the possibility of an ethics beyond judgment. Morvern’s affective, tactile and sensory way of experiencing the world articulates an idea of life as experimental and open to the new rather than contained and restricted by fixed transcendent codes and rules. By aligning the film-viewer with Morvern’s affective and tactile way of experiencing the world it introduce us to an immanent ethics and aesthetics that avoids moral judgments and relates to idea of life as open and vital.

About the speaker

Teresa Rizzo is the author of Deleuze and Film: A Feminist Introduction (Continuum Publishing London, 2012). She is an Honorary Associate and researcher in the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney. For 5 years she lectured at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. She has published in the areas of feminism, film philosophy and television in international refereed journals. For over a decade Teresa worked as a television producer in the Australian pay TV industry and maintains a research interest in new forms of television.


Auditorium has been booked from 19.00 on Thursday, 29th November to screen a version of the film.

All are welcome!