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Political and Economic Responses to a Slowing China

30 October 2012 (18:15-20:00)

5th GEP (Nottingham Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy) Lecture Series,

The End of Hyper-Growth: Political and Economic Responses to a Slowing China

Speaker: Barry Naughton, Professor of Chinese Economy, University of California, San Diego
Time & Date: 6:15pm; Tuesday, 30th October 2012
Venue: Auditorium

Naughton is an authority on the Chinese economy, with an emphasis on issues relating to industry, trade, finance, and China's transition to a market economy. Recent research focuses on regional economic growth in the People's Republic of China and the relationship between foreign trade and investment and regional growth. He is also completing a general textbook on the Chinese economy. Recently completed projects have focused on Chinese trade and technology, in particular, the relationship between the development of the electronics industry in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the growth of trade and investment among those economies.

Naughton can provide commentary on economic reform in Chinese cities (including industry, employment and finance issues), on trade and trade disputes between China and the United States, and on economic interactions among China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Naughton received his PhD in Economics and MA IN International Relations from Yale University, and a BA Chinese Language and literature from the University of Washington.

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