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Mobile Experience Research

19 November 2012 (18:15-19:30)

The Institute for Creative and Digital Cultures (ICDC) are pleased to invited you to the following lecture delivered by Dr. Xiaoge Xu:

About the lecture

Conceptualized as a process of using content and/or services in an integrative, interactive and immersive mobile environment, mobile experience has not been examined in terms of the gap between what is expected and what is actually implemented in the case of mobile news communication. Operationalized in an index of 25 components for homepage while 36 for storypage, mobile experience was mapped and measured through a Web-based survey to measure the importance that mobile users paid to mobile experience and via a comparative analysis of the extent that mobile experience was actually reflected in mobile news apps. The results show that there was a big gap between the normative and the empirical. Possible explanations were offered while recommendations were made to mobile content and service providers as well as for further studies on mobile experience.   

About the speaker

Before joining UNNC in September 2012, Dr Xiaoge Xu worked as media educator, researcher and consultant in Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing. His academic publications cover press differences, foreign TV news, Asian values in journalism, online journalism, image-making news flow, and journalism education. His research results have also been presented to various major international conferences. Dr Xu’s research interests include mobile media and communication, digital media and communication, and comparative journalism studies. Currently, he is working on projects on how to enhance mobile experience in using mobile content and services. His on-going research projects also include mapping, measuring and modelling press differences around the world, comparing use of mobile IM among college students, comparing mobile games studies, comparing gamifications of mobile news, and comparing expectations and experiences of mobile game players.

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