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The 3rd Tri-Campus Games

05 (09:00) - 17 June 2011 (17:00)

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Latest results from the Tri-Campus Games:

Thursday 9 June

Men's Football Malayisa 1, UK 1

Men’s Basketball Malaysia 36, UK 35

Women’s Football UK 16, Ningbo 0

Men’s Table Tennis UK 5, Malaysia 0

Women’s Basketball UK 54, Ningbo 11

Men’s Squash UK 4, Malaysia 0

Men’s Tennis UK 5, Ningbo 0

Women’s Table Tennis UK 4, Malaysia 1

Volleyball UK 2, Ningbo 0

Ultimate Frisbee UK 11, Ningbo 3

Women’s Squash Malaysia 4, Ningbo 0

Tuesday 7 June

Tread Board Races, Men’s: 1st Ningbo, 2nd UK, 3rd Malaysia

                              Women’s: 1st Malaysia, 2nd UK, 3rd Ningbo

                               Mixed: 1st UK, 2nd Ningbo, 3rd Malaysia

Ping pong ball chop-stick relay: 1st Ningbo, 2nd Malaysia, 3rd UK

Women’s Football UK 14, Malaysia 0

Women's Table Tennis Ningbo 3, UK 2

Women's Squash UK 4, Malaysia 0

Women's Badminton UK 6, Ningbo 3

Men's Badminton Malaysia 9, Ningbo 0

Men's Basketball Ningbo 47, Malaysia 32

Men's Football Malaysia 5, Ningbo 0

Men's Squash UK 4, Ningbo 0

Men's Table Tennis Malaysia 4, Ningbo 1

Mixed Volleyball UK 2 Malaysia 0

Ultimate Frisbee UK 11, Malaysia 4

Women's Basketball UK 45, Malaysia 9

Monday 6 June

Men's Tennis Doubles UK 2, Malaysia 0

Men's Tennis Singles UK 3, Malaysia 1

Men's Squash Malaysia 4, Ningbo 0

Women's Basketball Ningbo 18, Malaysia 15

Men's Football UK 3, Ningbo 0

Men's Table Tennis UK 5, Ningbo 0

Mixed Volleyball Ningbo 2, Malaysia 1

Men’s Basketball Ningbo 54, UK 52

Women’s Football Ningbo 1, Malaysia 0

Ultimate Frisbee Malaysia 10, Ningbo 6

Women's Squash UK 4, Ningbo 0

Women's Table tennis (Singles) Ningbo 3, Malaysia 1

Women's Table tennis (Doubles) Ningbo 1, Malaysia 0 


International school pupils experience campus life

By Yuqian NI

UNNC News Agency

About 50 pupils from international schools in Ningbo, China visited The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) campus on Friday.

The visit coincided with the final day of the third Tri-Campus Games, a sporting event contested by athletes representing The University of Nottingham’s three universities in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and China.

After being welcomed by UNNC Provost and CEO Professor Nick Miles, the pupils watched a volleyball game between the China and UK teams.

The international school pupils, just like the athletes, come from around the world.

During a tour of the campus accompanied by student volunteers, the school pupils asked many questions about life as a student at UNNC.

The pupils participated in a sporting contest of their own: a relay race. There was much enjoyment and laughter during the event.

The pupils said they enjoyed the day very much and perhaps some will be back in a year or two as UNNC students. Some may even take their place on the UNNC team at a future Tri-Campus Games tournament.

The next Tri-Campus Games will be held in the United Kingdom in 2012, the year of the London Olympics.


Big defeat, but UNNC soccer women undaunted

Match Report: Women’s football UK vs CN

By Wuhan Zhang, Student News Agency

The UK campus thrashed UNNC at women’s soccer in the last day of competition on Friday to take gold in the Tri-Campus Games.

The final score line, 16-0, was unflattering to UNNC and fails to reflect the progress the women in China have made since the last competition.

There were many good performances, not least the UNNC goalkeeper who saved many shots and earned resounding cheers from the spectators.

“I feel great, it’s a bit hot though,” said one UK player as the early summer heat in Ningbo made conditions sticky.

The Chinese team were a bit crestfallen, by contrast. “We still need to improve,” one UNNC player told the News Agency reporter. “You know UK beat Malaysia 12-0, but ours was 16-0” she said.

The UNNC team worked hard for three months ahead of the games, but won’t be giving up. They may not have won gold this time, but will be aiming high in 2012.


UNNC STUDENT BLOG: Mukda Pratheepwatanawong

The Fun of the Tread Board Race and Chopstick Tennis

The entertaining events on the second day of the 3rd Tri-campus Games brought lots of smiles and laughter.

Teamwork was needed to win the competition of the tread broad race, where five participants were tied together and had to co-operate with each other by lifting up their feet at the same time and staying in step. Every team member would fall down if one member went out of synch. Replaying the videoclips of this amusing competition will make many laugh.

Chopstick tennis was a game that needed a high level of concentration. Competitors had to lift up a wet table tennis ball with chopsticks and then run across the basketball court without dropping it. Lots of screaming and shouting were heard throughout the game.

I am sure these entertaining events will be part of what has made this Tri-Campus Games so unforgettable for so many students. The photographs, videos and stories are sure to encourage others to participate in Thursday’s exciting events, the Balloon Dance and the Tug of War. See you there!


UNNC title hopes fall as men lose table tennis

Match Report: Men’s Table Tennis, MY vs CH

News Agency Zhang

Malaysia defeated China 4:1 in a men’s table tennis match on Day 2 of the Tri-Campus games – and the loss broke the audiences’ hearts. Losing to Malaysia at table tennis has greatly reduced UNN’s chances of winning the overall title.

On the day, the Malaysian and Chinese teams had comparable levels of skill. But the UNMC team seemed better able to adapt and change tactics. The UNNC focused on one strategy and their nerves got the better of them.

“They are not playing as well as they usually do,” complained some of the spectators.

With a bigger prize than the gold for table tennis at stake, the men’s team simply made too many mistakes.

With the table tennis victory assured, the Malaysian team were soon calmly contemplating their chances of winning the third overall Tri-Campus Games title.

It’s fifty-fifty,” they told the News Agency journalist. “We will try our best, but it depends”.


UK outguns Malaysia in Volleyball

Match Report: Mixed Volleyball UK vs MY

News Agency LIU Siyu

Staunch defence and a solid attack saw the UK’s mixed volleyball beat Malaysia 2-0 on Day 2 of the Tri-Campus Games.

Both teams showed great skills and teamwork during the game but, in the end, the UK prevailed.

The UK team applied great strength and speed to their serves, often make it difficult for the Malaysian players to keep the ball in play. This combined with excellent defensive skills and a varied attack ensured victory for the UK campus.

Under pressure from the UK, the Malaysian team fought hard and kept trying to the end. The spectators were impressed by their determination and spirit.


UK teach Malaysia a friendly lesson

Match Report: Women’s Basketball UK vs MY

News Agency LIU Siyu

The UK team easily rolled over the Malaysian women’s basketball in their match on Day 2 of the Tri-Campus Games. The UK team had great superiority in many aspects of the game including the height of the players, the level of teamwork and the shooting percentage. The end result was an overwhelming 49 to 9 win for the UK, a scoreline that shocked many.

The UK team showed their excellent talent and teamwork throughout the game. Some of their scores receiving rapturous applause from the spectators.

Although the basketball skills of the Malaysian women could do with some improvement, they tried their best and never lost heart. They will have learned much from playing against a team of the UK’s quality.

No matter the result, both teams will undoubtedly use the Tri-Campus Games to build new friendships and strengthen old ones.


The power of persistence

Match Report: Men’s Football

News Agency ZHANG Luhong

Christopher Rogers, the goalkeeper of the UNNC men’s soccer team, did an admirable job in the big game between China and the UK yesterday afternoon. Along with his outstanding goalkeeping, Rogers’ persistence was a memorable feature of the game which the China campus eventually lost 3-0.

After striking his head against the goalpost following yet another dramatic save, Rogers was left dizzy and with blood running down his face. He was helped off and was attended to by the nurse by the side of the pitch.

A few moments later, he was back, this time in the outfield with a new shirt on and a large white bandage wrapped around his head. Actually, he should have been replaced to rest, but he refused to lay back as his teammates struggled to fight off the UK campus’s challenge.

Like their wounded teammate, the China campus mens’ soccer team all showed a great deal of persistence and put in a very creditable performance. The goals came mainly at the end of the match when injuries led to the loss of two goalies and disrupted the team’s pattern.

Though the China team failed to overcome the strong UK squad this time, their sporting spirit shone through and will carry them forward to the next time. Be persistent and we will get the last dance. So far, three goalkeepers have been injured in the third Tri-Campus Games.


Match Report: Women’s Squash, Day 1

News Agency
By Zhang Wuhan

The UK women’s team comfortably beat China in the squash competition on Day 1 of the Tri-Campus Games. The score was 4:0.

Players in both teams seemed have enjoyed the competition, but China clearly has a way to go before the UNNC players are competitive.

Coach Lin, from China, said that just by participating the team learned much. The China campus is a newcomer to the sport of squash, only building its first court last year. There are currently six students who play regularly.

Spectators could see, however, that the Chinese players worked hard and have potential. It is not impossible that UNNC will have a strong squash team before long.

Congratulations to the UK team for winning this game. We have great admiration for their experienced players and we hope there are more exciting games ahead.


Mixed Volleyball excites the crowd

News Agency
By ZHANG Luhong

The mixed volleyball game between China and Malaysia this morning was exciting. Both the players and audiences were full of enthusiasm.

The players’ shut and one-man block demonstrated their adept and superb personal skills. However, cooperation is critical in volleyball games. At times, the players seemed to have a tacit understanding between each other, an understanding that was encouraged by the way they clapped each other’s hands in support.

The audience seemed even more passionate than the players, so engrossed and enthusiastic they were. The Malaysian campus supporters banged the ground to make a rhythmic sound and sang songs to cheer up and encourage their team. This led to a hot atmosphere on court.

Malaysia lost the game with the score of 1:2 to China, but all present were impressed by the visitors’ passion, both players and supporters.


UNNC STUDENT BLOG: Mukda Pratheepwatanawong

3 Campuses, 1 University: The Tri-campus Games Opening Ceremony

Students from all campuses felt proud to represent their campus to participate in the one-week sports competition.

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China’s Provost, Professor Nick Miles emphasized that this tournament would be a “powerful symbol of friendship through sports”. This encouraged many students to perform to their full potential in all the events that they are taking part.

The performance of Chinese dance, music, martial arts, dragon dance and fireworks displayed during the opening ceremony did successfully promote and brought out the value of Chinese culture to students and staff from United Kingdom and Malaysia campus.

As one of the students from The University of Nottingham Ningbo campus, I believe that these game will enable many students to realise and value the importance of playing sports and collaborating as team. The third Tri-campus Games will further boost the relationship between students from the UK, Malaysia and China campuses.


The Founder’s View: ‘Fantastic opening ceremony’

----An interview with Nigel Mayglothling

News Agency ZHANG Luhong

It was just like the splendid opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games which is unlikely to be surpassed even by London in 2012. Last night’s performance in Ningbo puts great pressure on the UK campus next year.

After the opening ceremony of the third Tri-Campus Games yesterday, the founder of the Tri-Campus Games, Nigel Mayglothling, praised the wonderful performances with unique Chinese elements including folk music, folk dance, Tai Chi and the dragon dances. The final gorgeous fireworks display, which lasted for nearly five minutes, amazed him and all the other people present as well.

This type of opening ceremony was totally different from last year and the year before, Mayglothling said.

Mayglothling, the founder of the Tri-Campus Games, told the News Agency last night that the UK campus would try to match China’s style, just as London would try to match Beijing’s.

The Chinese cultural performances in the opening ceremony would really educate students, Mayglothling said. Now students from Malaysia and the UK would know much more about China and its traditional culture.

Mayglothling said the performances reflected a vibrant China, which is entirely different to many students’ usual understanding. He added he particularly enjoyed the complex, elegant traditional music. It made him think of his daughter who is a keen musician and who would have loved the performance.

Mayglothling said the games would enhance the culture of communication between students in the three campuses. In addition, it would promote more exchanges between campuses over the coming years.

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