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The 2nd Conference of Ningbo-Nottingham International Finance Forum

11 (09:00) - 12 July 2011 (17:00)

Steady Economic Growth and Design of Reform

11-12 July 2011

Ningbo, China


During the global financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, the Chinese Government successfully implemented an expansionary fiscal and monetary policy to ensure China’s economic growth and social stability. However, this action has also caused excessive liquidity in the economy and increased inflation expectation. Although many of world’s leading economies have shown signs of recovery in 2010, the aftermath of the financial crisis is not yet over. The persistent high unemployment rate in developed countries, the worsening debt problems in Europe and resurgent protectionism present a challenge to the steady and rapid growth of China’s economy. In order to stimulate US economy, the Federal Reserve continues its quantitative easing monetary policy; this may lead to further inflows of hot money into China, posing further challenges for China to control liquidity. In the face of complicated global and domestic economic situations, the Chinese Government at its annual Central Economic Working Conference held in December 2010 proposed that the country’s economic policy focus is 'better deal with relations among the economy’s steady and relatively rapid growth, economic restructuring and management of inflation expectation; speed up the strategic economic restructuring; put the stabilization of general price level in a more prominent position, effectively enhance the coordination, sustainability and endogenous motivation of economic development'.


In order to explore the roles of financial industry and macro-economic policy in securing China’s sustained economic growth and social stability, stabilizing price level and improving standards of living; discuss how enterprises adapt themselves to new financial and macro-economic situations; and examine how financial industry and government economic management departments can play their parts in promoting growth mode transformation and economic restructuring, Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and University of Nottingham will jointly organize the Second Conference of Ningbo-Nottingham International Finance Forum with the theme “Steady Economic Growth and Global Design of Reform”. The forum consists of two parts, key-note speeches and academic meeting. The key-note speeches (11 July) will be delivered by internationally well-known academics, business leaders and officials from governments and regulatory authorities for high level strategic analysis and policy proposals; the academic meeting (12 July) is for academics and practitioners to present, exchange and discuss their research results and experiences on theoretical and practical issues in finance and macroeconomic policy.


Ningbo Municipal Government, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and University of Nottingham would like to invite all academics, practitioners and government officials working in finance and economic research and management to participate in the Second Conference of Ningbo-Nottingham International Finance Forum held in Ningbo, China on 11-12 July 2011, and present their research, experiences and opinions. The working languages of the forum are English and Chinese with simultaneous interpretation for all plenary sessions.



Ningbo Municipal Government

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

University of Nottingham




Financial Affairs Office, Ningbo Municipal Government

Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Centre for Global Finance/International Finance Research Centre, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China




Senior officials from Chinese financial regulatory authorities, senior managers from financial industry, internationally well-known academics will give speeches on the following topics:

1.The roles of central bank and monetary policy in securing steady and rapid economic growth

2.Macro control, economic growth mode transformation and economic restructuring

3.Liquidity, inflation and standard of living

4.RMB internationalization, future development direction of China's export-oriented economy

5.Top-level global design for further reform in China, future direction of reforms in finance, tax and investment system




Theoretical and empirical studies on the key-note speech topics and on the role of financial industry and macroeconomic policy on the economic development and industrial restructuring as well as on topics listed below are invited for presentation at the Inaugural Conference of Ningbo-Nottingham International Finance Forum,

1. Asset pricing and investment strategy

2. Housing market analysis and forecasting, government housing policy

3. Social security system's role in the economy and China’s social security system

4. The roles of taxation, fiscal policy and government action in economic development

5. Foreign exchange policy, exchange rate and capital account opening

6. Corporate finance and SME financing

7. Economic and financial development in Ningbo


Papers presented at the second conference will be selected for publication in Ningbo-Nottingham International Finance Forum Research Papers Series volume 2.



One paper will be selected for Ningbo-Nottingham International Finance Forum as Best Paper Award (US$1000) and several papers will be selected as Excellent Paper Award (RMB 1000 each).



Authors are invited to submit initially an abstract (in English or Chinese, ideally both English and Chinese) of at least 250 words, but no more than 400 words before 31 May, 2011. The organizing committee will inform the authors of selected abstracts before 5 June, 2011 to submit their full papers. Please submit the abstract and full paper in electronic format (PDF files only) to Please indicate on the cover paper of your paper whether you would like to have your paper considered for publication in Ningbo-Nottingham International Finance Forum Research Papers Series. The deadline for full paper submission is 20 June, 2011.




Please register by 20 June


2011 using the registration form (see attachment).




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