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ICCSR 8th Annual Symposium – Corporate Social Responsibility in China

11 (08:30) - 12 July 2011 (17:00)



11TH-12TH JULY 2011

As Chinese economic growth accelerates a key concern becomes how to make this growth sustainable as a contribution to a ‘harmonious society’. For decades economic growth has been the foremost priority on the political agenda in China, but in a recent declaration China’s leaders have pronounced the building of a harmonious society as the official long-term goal in China and CSR is perceived as the private sector’s contribution to this goal (Wong, 2009).

Studies show Chinese firms are increasingly implementing CSR practices and CSR reporting (Ip, 2009; Kolk, Hong, & van Dolen, 2010; Welford, 2005; Wong, 2009). Important drivers are the fast integration of China into the global economic system and its prominent position as a manufacturing hub in global supply chains (Wang & Juslin, 2009).

In parallel, domestic drivers for CSR are also becoming more evident. The Chinese government has introduced new regulations aimed at strengthening corporate commitment to CSR, while growing industrial unrest amongst the migrant worker population employed in the manufacturing sector, related media attention and statements of high-level public officials condemning firms that mistreat their workers, have put pressure on organizations to pursue more socially responsible behaviour towards their employees.

Chinese firms are also making significant efforts to add value within global supply chains, aided by strong public support for R&D and innovation. Therefore CSR may become more instrumental, in order to attract and retain more skilled workers and through the development of collaborative relationships that can bring in knowledge and foster innovation.

The conference will take place over two days at the University of Nottingham, Ningbo Campus in China (UNNC) with keynotes and a practitioner-oriented panel discussion in addition to parallel tracks. The conference will be held in English. See the final programme for more details.

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