The Department of Campus Life (DCL) has been organizing various intriguing workshops to enrich students' extracurricular experience. This year, Campus Life will again work alongside the Students' Union to continue the project of "DCL Workshops". It is derived from insights of liberal arts education advocated by President Yang Fujia, which aims to expand students' scope of knowledge, improve self-cultivation, and achieve holistic development. Since DCL Workshop established, a total of 48 themed events have been successfully organized. From baking, wine, beauty makeup to equestrian, DCL Workshop series has provided over one thousand participants with intriguing and educational events.

In 2021, DCL Workshop will be upgraded. We divide it into "Erudition" series and "Elegant" series, which will be operated at the same time to feature various art courses and allow all participants to experience an elegant life style.

Erudition Series

In order to improve the art accomplishment and cultivate aesthetic value for the purpose of all kinds of artistic skill courses, the 'Erudition' series of courses will allow students to experience a series of visual design, music creation and art appreciation, video shooting and editing workshops to create an artistic and cultural atmosphere on campus, provide a platform to help cultivate students' aesthetic concepts, exercise their artistic skills and develop their artistic talents. We will invite professional teachers to work with students to enhance their work and provide them with a certificate of completion. Stay tuned for more information on the “Erudition Series” in upcoming tweets of the DCL official WeChat (UNNC_DCL).

Elegance Series

Elegant life purifies the mind and strengthens the feelings. In order to focus on elegant and chic life interests and life wisdom, 'Elegance' series courses will carry out a series of classes on baking, flower-arranging, horse-riding and, wine appreciation to expand and diversify their practical abilities, encourage students to love life, explore "small happiness" in life, care for their inner spiritual power, and strive towards their own ideal life.

Please refer to the schedule for semester below (NB: themes of activities may be slightly adjusted):

DCL workshop_21spring

Please note:

All workshops are FREE. Each week there are different themes, providing you with the most interesting and relaxing extracurricular experience. 14:00-16:00, every Wednesday afternoon.

How to apply?

Please kindly add the DCL official WeChat: UNNC_DCL, or scan the QR code. You will receive a registration link for each workshop in the tweets.


workshop scan code

Looking forward to meeting you soon!