5-HT Week


The 5-HT Week is coming!

The followings are detailed information about a series of activities taking place this week:

"18°C Breathing on the Lawn"

18°C is the most comfortable outdoor somatosensory temperature. The lawn in front of the Trent Building is the major activity area for this section’s events. We wish you, as the upcoming participants, would have a joyful time together here.

 Activity Time Venue Sign-up Channel
Mini Zoo

11:00-16:30 14th Dec.

11:00-14:00 15th&17th Dec.

11:00-15:00 17th Dec.

Lawn in front of the Library Open to all
Indoor Mini Zoo 14:30-15:30 15th&17th Dec. Counselling Service Waiting Room AB325

Date: 12.15

Date: 12.17

Open date: 12.11 20:00

Sign-up limitation: 16

Lawn Music Festival 13:00-16:00 19th Dec. Lawn in front of the Starbucks

 Open to all

Sign up to get souvenirs

Open date: 12.18 20:00

Sign-up limitation: 20

"25°C Your Comfort Zone"

25°C is the usual indoor temperature. We would like to invite you to stay at your comfort zone to relax a little bit. We create indoor workshops/small sessions to help you relax. Activities like yoga class, dance class and mindfulness sessions are therefore introduced in this section.

ActivitiyTimeVenueSign-up Channel
5-HT Exhibition 14th – 19th Dec. Library Exhibition Hall Open to all
Workshops provided by Sports Center and Healthy U 14th – 19th Dec. See below

On the mini program

'UNNC Sports Center'

Open date: 12.13 20:00
Lunchtime Mindfulness Session

12:50-13:30 14th Dec.

12:50-13:30 15th Dec.

12:50-13:30 16th&17th Dec.

12:50-13:30 18th Dec.





Open to all
Climbing 18:00-19:00 14th Dec. Sports Centre Main Climbing Wall Sign-up limitation: 24
Muay Thai

19:00-20:00; 20:00-21:00

15th Dec.
Sports Centre Combat Room 203 Sign-up limitation: 24
Yoga 17:30-18:30 15th &18th Dec. Gym301 Sign-up limitation: 30 (per day) 

13:00-14:30; 15:00-16:30

16th Dec.
Sports Centre Indoor Basketball Hall Sign-up limitation: 24
Nutrition workshop 13:30-16:00 16th Dec. Rooftop Restaurant & Bar Sign-up limitation: 10
Happy dance 17:00-18:00 17th Dec. Sports Centre Room 205 Sign-up limitation: 20
Archery 13:00-16:00 18th Dec. Sports Centre Woodball Pitch Sign-up limitation: 50
Fun run 8:45 19th Dec. Meet at Athletics Track Sign-up limitation: 200
DCL Workshop 14th – 19th Dec.  See below  See below
Baking 14:00-16:00 15th Dec. 23# Common Space

(for students)

Open date: 12.14 20:00

Sign-up limitation: 5

(for staff)

Open date: 12.14 20:00

Sign-up limitation: 5

Ikebana 14:00-16:00 16th Dec. DCL Workshop 2nd Floor

(for students)

Open date: 12.15 20:00

Sign-up limitation: 15

(for staff)

Open date: 12.15 20:00

Sign-up limitation: 5

Ikebana 14:00-16:00 17th Dec.  DCL Workshop 2nd Floor

(for students)

Open date: 12.16 20:00

Sign-up limitation: 15

(for staff)

Open date: 12.16 20:00

Sign-up limitation: 5

Artist in Residence Event 13:30-16:30 15th Dec. Art Studio IAMET 324

Open date: 12.13 20:00

Sign-up limitation: 10
Movie Night 15th&17th Dec. See below Open to all
One dog’s purpose 18:00-21:30 15th Dec. D.H. Laurence Auditorium  
Wonder 18:00-21:30 17th Dec. Siyuan Auditorium  
Healing Theatre 20:00 18th Dec. Online  


"36°C Warmth into Heart"

36°C, the warmth of heart. Activities in this section aim to connect any two of us by giving hugs, setting up random conversations, and participating in an event together.

ActivityTimeVenueSign-up Channel
Warmth Market

17:30-19:00 14th&16th&18th Dec.

12:00-13:30 15th&17th Dec.

Roller Square Open to all
Candy Sharing 19:00-20:30 14th&16th Dec. Teaching area Open to all
UNNC Voice 20:00 14th Dec. Online Open to all
How was 2020 for you – Wordcloud & Postcard Writing Activity 13:00-17:00 16th Dec. SAIC, Online Open to all
Library Flash mob 17th Dec. Library 1st Floor Open to all
Tree Hole Mailbox 14th – 17th Dec. Library Entrance Open to all
Painting World 14th – 19th Dec. Library Floor 1-4 Open to all
Story Album 14th – 19th Dec. Online Open to all
Free Hug 14th – 19th Dec. All campus Open to all


"52°C Best Regards to Overseas Friends"

52° is the latitude of UNUK. The distance and the time difference between UK and China will not prevent us from thinking of each other. We hope that our love and sincere wishes could travel across the time and space and reach all overseas students.

ActivityTimeVenueSign-up Channel
World Choir 20:00 19th Dec. Online Open to all
Mini program: Nana 5’s Weekend 14th – 19th Dec. Online Open to all


"100°C Booming Week of Welfare"

100°C is the boiling point which symbolizes the passion. Inspired by great ideas of welfare activities, we intend to fully distribute the feeling of happiness to every corner of the campus at UNNC.

ActivityTimeVenueSign-up Channel
Shop Discounts 14th – 19th Dec. Living Area Open to all
Crazy Friday 18th Dec.  / Open to all


To sum up

It’s almost the end of the semester, which is the time period that we would feel stressed, tired and exhausted. The 5-HT week is therefore designed to help you get along with these negative feelings, and try to tell you, "YOU ARE NOT ALONE"! We look forward to meeting you all during these activities and hope you will enjoy and find them helpful! Thanks everyone to spent time with us and we are always here for you!