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The Chinese government and University continuously offer scholarships as financial awards to students based on academic and sporting excellence. We also provide a range of bursaries for excellent students who have financial need during their study in the university.


Government Scholarships and Awards

National Scholarship

National Scholarship is designed to recognize students' outstanding achievements academically as well as in extracurricular areas. A National Scholarship Awards Selection Committee shall be set up within the university and will be responsible for discussing and making decisions about important related issues, formulating selection procedures and approving the awards list related to the UNNC National Scholarship Awards.  

Funding standards: 8,000 RMB per year                                                         

National Encouragement Scholarship

National Encourage Scholarship aims to motivate students with financial difficulties, who got outstanding achievements academically as well as in extracurricular areas.

Funding standards: 5,000 RMB per year                                                              

Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship

Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship is set up for motivated and high-calibre registered UNNC Chinese undergraduate students (except for preliminary year students). This scholarship is designed to recognise students’ outstanding achievements academically as well as in extracurricular areas.

Funding standards: 6,000 RMB per year                                                             

Subsidy for Students Enlisted into Army

Students who enlist in the army for compulsory military service and return to university shall benefit from tuition fees waiver, national student loans, and subsidies.

Funding standards: no more than 12,000 RMB per year

Zhejiang Excellent Graduates

Zhejiang Excellent Graduates Selection is set up for motivated and high-caliber registered UNNC China Mainland Gaokao Recruitment Graduates (including 2+2 Graduates). This selection is designed to recognize Graduates' outstanding achievements academically as well as in extracurricular areas.

Award: certificate

Zhejiang Top 10 Excellence Students

In the theme of "building a beautiful campus and pursuing the most beautiful youth", the university aims to select students who perform excellently in aspects of academic learning, technological innovation, social practice, voluntary service, and social work.

Award: certificate

Ningbo Sizheng Award

This award aims to carry out the fundamental task of cultivating people with moral integrity, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of ideological and political educators in colleges and universities in our city and improve the quality of ideological and political work.

Award: certificate


UNNC Scholarships and Awards

Baosteel Scholarship

UNNC’s Baosteel Scholarship was established by the Baosteel Education Foundation in 2016 to reward outstanding undergraduates. The purpose of this award is to reward outstanding talents, to show respect to teachers and to support educational development. Each year, UNNC selects two students and recommends one to participate in the Baosteel Special Scholarship.

Funding standards: 10,000 RMB per year

Dream Scholarship

Dream Scholarship was founded by Professor Fujia Yang, President of The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC). This scholarship aims at stimulating students' passions of pursuing dreams, promoting their moral, intellectual, and physical development and encouraging individuals or societies for the excellent extracurricular activities.

Funding standards: 3,000-10,000 RMB per year

UNNC Awards for Outstanding Students

There are 3 types of awards: Outstanding Student, Outstanding Student Leader and Outstanding Graduate. 

Award: certificate

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