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NottingHall serves under the Department of Campus Life (DCL). We are dedicated to ensuring a safe and peaceful residential environment for students, while creating some extra-curricular activities for students to take part in, ranging from academic, social, to cultural. They aimed to help UNNCers develop their personal development skills through means of multicultural communications and serve as a form of pastoral care for students. Our value is to make the residential area more than a place to sleep!


Roles under NottingHall

a. Manager

The role holder is responsible for managing the whole system, including communication with Chair of Hearing, Hall Tutors, students and relevant members of staff at UNNC, and managing disciplinary hearing meetings for students who do not follow the Code of Conduct in the Residence Area.

b. Chair of Hearing

The role holder would be Faculty Senior Tutors and the CELE Centre Senior Tutor. This role is mainly responsible for chairing disciplinary hearing meetings. They would also support the overall development of residential life through providing advisory services to residential experience plans, attending student events and activities in residential area such as new student welcome and etc.  This arrangement would surely enable Faculties and CELE to have better knowledge of students’ wellbeing, especially in pastoral aspects.

c. Hall Tutors

Our hall tutors are specifically selected and trained high-achieving senior students employed by the Department of Campus Life. They support students by connecting them to cultural, social and academic development opportunities on campus and in the community. They provide on-site support from 7PM-8AM for students and ensure that the accommodation community is safe, comfortable, supportive, conducive to academic success, personal growth, and is responsive to the needs of students.


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