The University pays great attention to students' mental health, and we hope to provide chances for our students to support their peers through the Peer Listener Program.

Who could be appointed as a Peer Listener (PL) ?

The program currently focuses on training psychological commissioners in administrative classes to function as Peer Listeners.

Students in UNNC who are not psychological commissioners but also interested in this program are welcomed as well. Please contact us via mha@nottingham.edu.cn to indicate your interest and we will reserve a seat for you after evaluation.

Students who attend trainings (three sessions, 6 hours in total) organized by the Mental Health Advisory Service from the Department of Campus Life will be issued attendance certificates, and then they could register to be Peer Listeners. A Peer Listener Instruction Manual will be delivered to PL helping them to know the responsibilities as well as the boundaries. Monthly workshops and supervision organized by the Mental Health Advisory Service are available for Peer Listeners to keep growing up and learning.

2020 Peer Listener Program Timeline:

Peer listener poster