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1st International Symposium & Workshop on Low Carbon Buildings in China 

On April 2nd 2010 ,the 1st International Symposium & Workshop on Low Carbon Buildings in China was held at UNNC. The symposium/workshop was the first of its kind to be organised and hosted in China by the Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies (CSET) at The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, in association with three other leading Chinese Building Research institutes from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences (SRIBS) and Shenzhen Institute of Building Research (SZIBR).  Invited dignitaries were from the Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, the Ningbo Construction Committee, the construction and manufacturing industries, the business community and the media sector.

In the symposium, Professor Jo Darkwa, the Director of CSET, briefly introduced the low carbon technologies and low carbon concept used in CSET, and Ms Annegret Brandau and Professor Georgios Kokogiannakis made speeches on "The Application of Green Roof technologies" and "The Application of E-tube Ventilation Systems" respectively. Professor Ye Qian, from the Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences made a speech on ‘Low Carbon City-World Expo in Practice' and ‘Shanghai in Action'. Symposium1

Finally, Professor Jiang Yi from Tsinghua University concluded that energy consumption data was the only criteria to judge the low carbon and low carbon buildings in China shouldered a heavy responsibility.

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