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Xiaoling Zhang

Associate Professor in Chinese Studies, Visiting Scholar






Dr Xiaoling Zhang was the Teaching Director for the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at Nottingham’ UK Campus before she came to the China Campus in Ningbo to set up the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies. 

Dr Zhang's research interests span the transformation of media, culture and society in China. Taking interdisciplinary approaches, combining fieldwork, documentary studies and discourse analysis, she has published widely on the shifting cultural and media landscapes in China, especially the new media technologies.

Her edited book together with Prof Yongnian Zheng, titled “China's Information and Communications Technology Revolution: Social changes and state responses" by Routledge examines China's ICT revolution, explores the social, cultural and political implications of China's transition to a more information-rich and communication-intensive society.

Her recent published book titled “The Transformation of Political Communication in China: from Propaganda to Hegemony” investigates the different forces that have been interacting with and contributing to the transformation of political communication in China against the backdrop of a transforming and transitional China. 

In the past few years, Dr Zhang has won funding from BA, IO of UNUK and CCKF to examine and explore how China promotes its "soft" power through its different platforms, but especially its international communication channels, and to assess its actual penetration and possible impact on the changing global information flow.

Funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK, Xiaoling Zhang as CI has also started on a new project entitled "Building Images: exploring 21st century Sino-African dynamics through cultural exchange and translation”.

Dr Zhang is at the moment working with eight PhD candidates, some of them sponsored by high profile funding bodies such as AHRC, ESRC and university scholarships. She welcomes applications in the area of her research interest.

Expertise Summary

Media, culture and society in China; New media technologies; Television and Film studies; Popular culture; Chinese literature

Selected Publications


ZHANG, X., 2011 The Transformation of Political Information in China: from propaganda to hegemony World Scientific.

Edited book

ZHANG, X. and ZHENG, Y., eds. 2009 China's Information and Communications Technology: Social changes and state responses Routledge.

Journal articles

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Book chapters

ZHANG, X., 2011. “Mass Media in ChinaIn: ZANG, X., ed., Understanding Chinese Society Routledge. 156-169

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