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Christian Shepherd






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Joseph Healy

Studying for an MA in Contemporary Chinese Studies at The University of Nottingham Ningbo combines a diverse range of my personal and academic interests. 

The comprehensive but flexible nature of the course appealed to me immediately. My academic background directed me towards discussions of contemporary Chinese thought and its impact on society - specifically, considering the tenability of Chinese exceptionalism and the conceptual construction of 'political legitimacy' in the Chinese context.

In tandem to pure academic discussion, the course also provides a springboard toward my intended career in China related journalism. Last but not least, the settings of the Ningbo campus are an invaluable addition to the course itself - creating greater opportunities for original research, language improvement and true immersion in contemporary China.


--- Christian Shepherd (Graduate of University of Oxford and now    journalist with the Financial Times Beijing Bureau)                                      






After a year spent working in Inner Mongolia, I knew that I wanted to return to China and attempt to understand the many socio-economic complexities, which led to its rapid transformation, and increasing influence in the world. As I also had a keen interest in furthering my Mandarin skills, I chose to pursue my Masters in Contemporary Chinese Studies at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

In the modern city of Ningbo, I could study contemporary China whilst living and socialising. Whether you have an extensive knowledge of China or just a general interest, this course challenges all types of students.

 In the academic setting, there are a large number or contact hours between the staff and the student, making a relaxed and productive study environment. There are a small number of masters students, which allows us to have in-depth seminars where we all can put forward our arguments with regards to different Chinese studies topics.


               --- Morgan Banaszek (Graduate of Loyola University Maryland)







The MA in Contemporary Chinese Studies perfectly met my needs and being located at Ningbo adds to the richness of the experience, providing an ideal environment to learn, understand and reflect on how to employ my new found knowledge in the future.



                                                                              --- Joseph Healy

                                  MA in Contemporary Chinese Studies graduate                                                             and senior banking executive

Joseph Healy delivers Keynote Address at UNSW Business in China Forum