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UNNC student won a prize in International Chinese Calligraphy Competition


The “Oriental Cup”- Chinese Calligraphy Contest for the International Community supported by NCI Ningbo branch was held on 26 September 2018. The result was released on 26 Novermber2018 after a two-month hot discussion among judges. UNNC students, Giulia Gasparini and Iulia Volkova won the consolation prizes in this competition.


Her creative and aesthetic work “宁波和维罗纳(Ningbo and Verona)” fully expressed her love to both cities . Interestingly, the city Verona signed a friendship act with Ningbo in 2007. Thus, she felt particularly linked to this experience, which was also the main reason she chose to write the names of the two cities as her calligraphy work. 


When asked about her experience of winning the prize, Giulia Gasparini said “Winning this price signifies a lot for me. It also marks my enthusiasm for the local culture and traditions. I really enjoyed learning Chinese traditional calligraphy. Furthermore, it was a great opportunity to experience the art of writing Chinese characters with ink (mò) and traditional brush (máo bǐ). I am grateful to the Confucius Institute and the Oriental Fine Art Museum that made all of this possible. ”






Posted on 12 December 2018