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UNNC CRRC"631 Project" Advanced International Talent Development Programme

On 6 Mar 2018, UNNC CRRC"631 Project" Advanced International Talent Development Programme was launched. Director of Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch, Professor Shujie Yao, delivered a keynote speech on the Opening Ceremony. His keynote speech was titled 'HSR Propels China to Be a World Superpower'.

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Why China's HSR can develop fast

He explored the characteristics of supply side and demand side to explain why China’s HSR can develop rapidly. Prof Yao suggests that the strengths of supply side include China’s great ability to absorb and re-innovate, and to execute land acquisition and rail construction. In terms of demand side, China’s vast territory and population, the development of urbanization and industrialization, economic and income growth, and the need for regional balanced development all contributed to China’s HSR’s fast development.

“ Coner overtaking" is needed for a long-term growth at a medium and high-speed growth

Professor Yao said 'The supply and demand sides' characteristics of China's HSR's development are unique in the world. The other countries will find it hard to imitate or compete with. Hence, HSR is a significant weapon for China to become an economic power."


He believed that HSR would work together with mobile payment, new energy and AI to enable China a ‘corner overtaking’ and to propel China to become a world superpower.

Posted on 27 March 2018