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The NCI Open Day: A Taste of Chinese Culture and Mandarin Class

Chinese culture lovers and mandarin learners have a great experience on the NCI open day on 4th March in Nottingham.  They are not only provided an insight into Chinese culture, but also got the opportunity to have a free mandarin class. 

On the open day, NCI provides a display of traditional Chinese culture. Visitors are guided to writing by using Chinese brush, making Chinese knot under the instruction of the artist. The unique Chinese classical dressing also attracts attentions of visitors.“I really like Chinese culture,” said by a Spanish tutor, “Chinese calligraphy and Chinese Characters are really amazing.”

 A Mandarin demo class is provided for those who are interested in learning Mandarin on this day.  In the demo class, professional Mandarin teacher, interesting PPT and appealing activities really draw attention of those Mandarin learners.

“I want to register the free class provided by NCI,” said by a foreign master, “although I learn Mandarin in our campus, I want to have more opportunities to learn it.”

NCI, as a non-profit public institution with the aim of promoting the Chinese language and culture, made great effort to appeal Chinese culture lovers and provide class for Mandarin learners. 


Students register for Mandarin Class


Learning Calligraphy

           chinese Knot DIY

DIY Chinese Knot

          demo class1

 Demo Mandarin Class


Posted on 14 March 2017