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The Chinese Economists Society 2018 Presidents' Forum 'New Challenges for Economic Policy and Management' was held in UNNC

The Chinese Economists Society 2018 Presidents’ Forum ‘New Challenges for Economic Policy and Management’ was jointly held by University of Nottingham Ningbo China and Zhejiang University, Ningbo Institute of Technology. Director of NCI Ningbo Branch, Li Dak Sum Chair Professor of Nottingham Ningbo China Professor Shujie Yao presented Belt and Road: Implications for Confucius Institutes in the parallel session. NCI Ningbo Branch co-organised and sponsored the forum.

President of The University of Nottingham Ningbo China Prof Fujia Yang delivered welcome speech



Dean of Institute of New Structural Economics; Honorary Dean of National School of Development, Peking University; Former Vice President and Chief Economist, The World Bank Professor Justin Yifu Lin presented keynote speech on ‘The Economics of China’s New Era’



Health Economics Research at the National Bureau of Economic Research by Professor Michael Grossman Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus, the City University of New York Graduate Center; New York Office Director, Health Economics Program Director, National Bureau of Economic Research

Michael Grossman

Improving Care for Patients at Increased Risk of Hospitalization: The Comprehensive Care Program by Professor David Meltzer, Chief of the Section of Hospital Medicine, Director of the Center for Health and the Social Sciences; Professor of Medicine, and affiliated faculty at Harris School of Public Policy and Department of Economics, the University of Chicago

David Meltzer


Parallel Session B1: Belt and Road Initiative



 Parallel B2: Finance and Macroeconomy

B2  Gene Chang


 Parallel B3: Big Data and Analytics

Bao Shuming


Parallel Session B4: Labor, Education and Urban Development 



Roundtable Session: Trade: Reading the Crystal Ball



Roundtable: Healthcare System: A story of Three Countries



 The forum in UNNC was closed by Provost and Pro-Vice –Chancellor, UNNC Professor Chris Rudd and Zhuo (Adam) Chen, LDS Chair Professor in Health Economics, UNNC; President (2017-18), CES.


After the forum in UNNC, it will go to Hefei for the second part of conference in the following two days.

CES The Chinese Economists Society

The Chinese Economists Society (CES) is a non-profit academic organization registered in the United States. The CES strives to promote scholarly exchanges among members and contribute to the advancement and dissemination of economics and management sciences in China. Over the years more than 3000 individuals joined the CES from academia, research institutes, and other public or private organizations throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and other regions of the world. CES members are in leadership position in government agencies, universities, research institutes, multinational firms, and international institutions including the People’s Bank of China, the World Bank, and IMF. The CES is considered the most influential group that bridges academic exchanges in economics and management sciences between the North America and China. To promote scholarly exchanges among its members, the Society holds annual conferences, with its first conference held in Princeton, N.J. in 1985. In order to promote market-based economic reforms in China, the Society has organized its Annual Conference in China since 1993, often jointly hosted with a Chinese university. The CES conferences have been widely attended by internationally renowned economists, senior government officials and business leaders. The Society also organizes themed North America conferences such as this one. The CES conferences have had profound policy impacts on China’s market-oriented transition and reforms as well as economic development strategy. In 1989, the CES launched an English-language journal China Economic Review (CER), which achieved worldwide circulation and became an influential academic periodical on China’s economy in just a few years. The CES became a member of the Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) in 1992 and has sponsored independent and joint sessions with other associations at annual ASSA meetings since then. Since 1990, the CES has run short-term teaching programs every year to support its overseas members to teach in Chinese universities. The program were first funded by the Ford Foundation and later by the Paula and Gregory Gregory Chow Foundation. Most of the CES institutional members are universities in China. The CES has become an important platform for Chinese universities and institutions to recruit in North America. Every year through the CES-organized events and networking, many young economists are successfully recruited by universities and institutions in China. The CES is committed to serving its members and promoting the scholarly exchange between academic and research communities in the North America and in China.

Posted on 28 August 2018