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The 9th UNNC International Students Chinese Competition Ends Satisfactorily


On 10th April, the 9th UNNC International Students Chinese Competition jointly organized by Nottingham Confucius Institute, UNNC Language Center, and Student Affairs Office ended Satisfactorily in Siyuan Auditorium.

9 teams consisted by 27 excellent Mandarin learners from UNNC , Wanli College, Ningbo Polytechnic and Ningbo City college brought us a wonderful and enjoyable competition. The competition formed by four parts: Culture Knowledge Q&A, Mandarin Presentation, Chinese Characters Recognition and Word-guessing Game.

After an inspiring opening speech given by the Vice Provost Professor Sam Shen, the competition carried out intensely but orderly. Surprisingly interesting individual presentation and extremely innovative teamwork made the audience laughed a lot. “This is absolutely the most interesting and most relaxing competition I never had before”, one of the participants said.

The award ceremony was followed by closing speech by Marion Sadoux, Director of Language Center and Prof Shujie Yao, Director of Confucius Institute .And a fantastic performance was also offer by UNNC Affiliate School in the end.

This competition was not only a good opportunity for Mandarin learners to gain more confidence and make more friends, but also a broad stage to show their talent and enthusiasm in Mandarin and Chinese culture. Outstanding participants of this competition will receive intensive training and represent UNNC to participate in “Chinese Bridge”.


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Posted on 21 April 2017